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Yet another SVS thread

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Daniel.Han, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. Daniel.Han

    Daniel.Han Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 6, 2003
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    I know that there have been plenty of these already but I feel that I owe at least one post to Ron and Tom after the great service I got from them.

    Just got my 25-31PCi tuned to 22Hz two days ago and I must say that I am certainly having fun listening to all my DVD's again. Moving from a CHT-10 there is quite a difference in sound.

    The real reason for the post though is to give a great big thumbs up for the service I got from Tom when I had some questions before I ordered. All of my e-mail questions were answered within 30 minutes and he really helped me figure out the sub that worked for my room and budget. I am thoroughly impressed.

    On another side note, I have been lurking here for about a year and thought that this might be a good time to come out and join the fun.

    Dan H.[​IMG]
  2. SVS-Ron

    SVS-Ron Screenwriter

    Jun 2, 2001
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    Thanks for the thumbs up (well, smiley anyway ;^). You might think that in our third year and many thousands of subs later we would get tired of hearing from customers?

    Not. There's something about sweating the details (from everything to shipping containers, to the latest woofer surrounds, and new amp features) and then assembling our subs here from our components right here in the USA that gives us an immense amount of both pride and humility at the same time.

    Knowing you CAN make a state of the art product in America and make a living doing it means alot to us; and might give pause to those all to ready to conceed skilled jobs to cheap overseas locations. That's the pride part. We do it every day (though we're well aware we could probably make a few bucks more if we DID contract it all out to the far east).

    Humility is in knowing that people from all over the world have invited SVS into their homes. And more importantly... cracked open their wallets and dished out hard earned income to do it. Frankly we can't help but to provide the sort of service that makes good on the promise to provide the best value and performance in the industry.

    Call us old fashioned but if the guys that are building your product (I don't mean "running the company", or "taking your order", I mean the guys that literally build your product and design its parts) can't stop and deal with a customer question at 9PM on a Saturday, it's just one step away from "being just a job".

    When your name (initials in any case) is on a product, it's never "just a job".

    Thanks for noticing.

  3. Phil Iturralde

    Phil Iturralde Screenwriter

    Oct 7, 1998
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    Congrats Dan!!!

    Outstanding product! I have the SVS 25-31PCi (since APR. 2002 - thanks Ron & Tom [​IMG] [​IMG] ) w/default tune and thanks to "Atlantis - The Lost Empire" - DTS ES (just got my new Yamaha RX-V1300) & near REF Level** SPL's, I finally met my neighbor!!! [​IMG] Yeah ... keep reading!! ...

    Mind you, ... his duplex is approx. 43' away from my Right HT Side wall, about 33' from my wall to the back fence with a pear & apricot tree in between, ... approx. another 10' from the fence to his wall/bathroom window and my SVS 25-31PCi is located in the RT Front Corner.

    Anyway, my brother and a friend were the only ones over for this usual Friday NTIE DVD session, wife was out :wink: and so, ... my brother encourage me to play it a little louder than my usual -10 dB below REF Level, ... so I did!!! All doors, windows & sky light closed, when we built the 20' x 30' HT/family room, we used R19 insulation in the walls, ceiling and put oak squares on the slab cement floor that was raised to be level to the kitchen.

    Around 9:30 pm, during a dialog scene, near the explosive end of the blockbuster DVD movie, I finally heard the door bell!!! Yep, ... my neighbor requesting that I lower my bass since it's rattling his window and walls!!! My first reaction was, ...'you're kidding???" He wasn't so I immediately lowered it down to my usual approx. -10 dB below REF Level. To get to my house, he had to walk around the block!!!

    So what was the SPL LFE Level???

    My guess it was around 109 dB+ or approx. -5 dB below REF Level!! Since the overall balance was outstanding, with impressive 360-degree seamless soundstage 6.1 dynamics, ... not compressed or bloated, just glorious 'far superior sound vs. my local Cinema Theaters', ... I didn't monitor it with my RS Meter, I just sat back and enjoyed the blockbuster DVD!!! Well, until I finally heard the door bell!!! :b

    Anyway, when I told what happened to my brother (I didn't tell him that night) a few days later during lunch, ... he just smiled and said .... "THAT'S GREAT!!! Wow, I can't wait when my wife is out of the house!!!" (He bought the SVS 25-31PCi default tune when they were on sale last summer for $499 + SH)

    So, Hope you have understanding neighbors, the SVS is one outstandingly designed & impressive sub-sonic dynamic performer!!!

    **NOTE: My JBL S26 (x6) / JBL S-Center & SVS 25-31PCi is REFERENCED Calibrated using Dolby Labs DD EX and Dedicated LFE Test Tones:

    HT Speakers = 75 dB
    SVS 25-31PCi = 77 dB (lowest swing 76 dB / highest swing 78 dB)

    Phil [​IMG]

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