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Sep 15, 2004
I was wondering...I have about an 82" wall space for a screen. I would like it to be a pull-down manual screen (wife's specs), and would be using it for the 4805 pj. Does anyone have any ideas on what screen(s) would be good? I have looked at the possiblity of the Da-Lite Model B. I can get 77" of HD size, but I was wondering if there is any other options out there? I would obviously like to maximize the whole 82"
Thanks for the input.

tom j r

Feb 26, 2002
The Model B with CSR (controlled screen return) would be a good choice and not break the bank. Mine is 80" wide which gives a 92" diagonal. Keep in mind there is extra material for a black border around the screen, check the Da-Lite website for overall dimensions. My guess would be that the 80" wide screen is overall at least 82" if not a bit more.

Determining the screen material involves a lot of other considerations, roughly in order of importance, room configuration (color of walls and ceilings, amount of ambient light, etc.), mounting of pj (ceiling or table), what kind of viewing experience you desire (plasma brightness or movie experience), just to name a few. Let us know.

In my case, I wanted the movie brightness which equates to about 12-14 foot-lamberts. My 4805 is ceiling mounted and I do have a low to moderate amount of ambient light (nowhere near dark though), but my room is much wider than the screen so the side walls don't reflect much light. It also helps to have a fairly dark wall (stone fireplace) behind the screen, and no wall behind the projector to reflect light back to the screen. I have the Hi-Contrast Matte White material which has a 1.1 gain, this computes to 26.4 ft-lamberts for that size screen using the 600 lumens spec'd for the low power on the 4805. I then use a Hoya HMC-2 neutral density filter (62mm) to cut the brightness in half. As the bulb ages and gets dimmer, I can remove the filter and extend the usable life of the bulb. The advantages of aiming for the 12-14 ft-lamberts is the increased black levels. With the fantastic image quality of the 4805 and its great contrast ratio, etc., even with ambient light it still puts out a great picture. You just need to control what light is reflected onto the screen. It doesn't have to be a light cannon.

Sorry to ramble on, hope this helps.


Oct 14, 2004
my 4805 is table mounted and the guy I bought mine from suggested the Dalite Model C Hi-power. He said it would be less likely to have waves/ripples and lends itself well to table mounting. So far I have been very pleased with the picture.

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