Yes Indeed - Time to Upgrade. HELP!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Puneet Cham, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Hello everyone!!!

    I'm currently looking to upgrade my speakers, but since I've been out of the running for quite some time... well, I just don't know where to go and what to do. Any help would be most humbly appreciated.

    FYI: I live in Chicago and usually go to Tweeter and/or ABT Electronics to shop. The speakers will be used for both music and HT.

    I visited Tweeter the other day and the guys over there showed me the following:

    JMLAB Cobalt S 806 (Fronts)
    JMLAB Cobalt S 800CC (Center)
    JMLAB Cobalt S 800SR (Rears)
    Total: Approx. $2,500.00

    I also had a nice discussion with ABT Electronics. They suggested (as an equivalent)the following:

    Canton 190 (Fronts)
    Canton 150 (Center)
    Canton 120 (Rears)
    Total: Approx. $2,000.00

    Has anyone have or tried these speakers?? The guys at ABT seemed to think the Canton's were a better choice b/c the JMLAB's were almost too bright for music listening.

    Anyway... any advise on these or other speakers that I might want to check out would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Dean_S

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    I like the sound of the Canton's over the lesser JMlabs models but you should listen to both using your own music and pick the ones that sound the best to you.
  3. KenWA

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    Dean is right -- listening will give you the best information as to how to proceed. If you can get some demo speakers into your home, that will help immensely. I don't know how things work at your stores, but some places will let you take home a demo pair of speakers under certain conditions, like for instance, paying up front with the understanding that money will be refunded if the audition doesn't work out. It doesn't hurt to ask!

    FWIW, I personally really enjoy the JMLab sound, but I do use NAD gear which many have said partners well with otherwise bright speakers.

    What kind of receiver/amplification do you use?


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