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    Hello all,

    I am in the market to start my HT setup in my family room and the posts in here have been invaluable. I have only been reading a short time, but the info I have gathered has been very useful. I appreciate all of the members' knowledge.

    I do have some audio/video knowledge, but it has been awhile so bear with me.

    First, I am looking to purchase a RPTV this weekend if possible. I have been looking at various models from various retailers. After much research, I think I decided on the Hitachi 51S500 from CC. My dilemma is that I do not know if the extended warranty from CC will cover the Calibration. More specifically if the tech guy that comes out is ISF certified. If any of you know or had an experience with a CC technician attempting to or actually doing a calibration, I would appreciate any advice/experiences. BTW, I did attempt to call the Service Center and other 800 numbers to get an answer, but to no avail. The peeps at CC weren't much better.

    I think I know the answer to the CC ISF technician question. Therefore most likely I will buy it from CC and have an ISF technician come out to calibrate.

    To make a long thread longer, here are my questions:

    1) What do you think of this model?? Hitachi 51S500.
    Viewing distance is going to be around 10-12 ft. Budget is going to be no more than $2400US

    2) Do you know if the CC extended warranty will cover an ISF tech calibrating?

    3) Do I need to do the 100hr break in period before the Avia calibration or the ISF tech calibration??

    4) How often do I need to do the ISF calibration??

    5) Does anyone recommend a Certified ISF tech in the Southern California area? I called a few places that had ISF techs.

    Thanks for your info and patience. Please refer me to a thread if you think it will answer my questions.
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    An ISF tech calibration is not covered under warranty. The best way for me to compare it to you is with a car. Say you have a Honda. Now the Honda is an excellent little car and it works, but if you take it to a performance specialist, he might be able to get it to go faster, better, etc. The ISF calibration would fall into the category of a "want" and not a "need" as far as the warranty people are concerned. For what its worth, I think Circuit City warranties are useless and many others on the forum will probably agree. I would calibrate my picture first using Avia (or another like disc) and eventually within 6 months to a year get it calibrated by an ISF technician. The cost range for the calibration can be expensive....but well worth it.

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