Yep, another SVS question. Sorry.

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    I apologize in advance. I just bought a used 25-31CS from a guy in Houston via this wonderful Web site (free plug [​IMG]). Anyway, I've got a pretty inexpensive system. I have a Technics receiver with A/B front speaker selection. That's important because this is how I run my system:
    I've got the A going to my front mains (floor-standers...12" woofers) and the B going to a dbx sub amp I got from J&R years ago to power a passive sub I got from Rat Shack (Optimus) a year or so before that. The dbx is rated at 150W continuous in a four ohm load. Figured that's plenty of power, BUT it only has speaker level inputs/outputs. No line level. So the Sub out on the receiver is a no-go.
    The next problem is the amp's internal cross-over is (get this) 200 hertz. Lovely.
    So my main question is will this hamper how well the SVS will perform since it will have to go all the way up to 200 hertz? The sub will be in a corner behind the TV and the mains, so localization shouldn't be a huge issue. I'm just concerned if the SVS's performance may suffer getting a signal all the way up to 200 hertz.
    Also, should I go ahead and use the amp's cross-over and let my mains play just from 200 hertz and up? Like I said, since it's right behind the speaks, it shouldn't be a big problem as far as blending sound, but seems kind of weird. So right now I've got the Optimus sub going up the 200 hertz and the mains playing as large, thus getting a 20-20K signal. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Not sure if I have a solution, but I can tell you that you do not want to run the SVS up to 200Hz, and you certainly don't want to run your mains only down to 200Hz.

    What you could do is buy a plate amp from Parts Express that has speaker level in and out (hopefully at a reasonable crossover point) and run speaker wire from the receiver's front outputs to the plate amp, then from the plate amp to the mains. The plate amp will then power the SVS.

    If you'd rather not do that, I recommend getting a new receiver.

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