Yamaha YHT-450 vs Onkyo HT-S770

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Phillip_K, Feb 13, 2005.

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    I need help deciding between the two, YHT-450 and HT-S770 or if you can suggest any alternatives under $500. The setup must include the amp and speakers for the price, as these two do. I bought, set up and ended up taking back to Radioshack the lower end Onkyo (the one with silver finish) HTIB, it sounded quite good, no complaints. I need a black system now, as thats what my mom wants for the house. The Yamaha has paper cones. I couldnt tell how good it sounded because the radio signal at Best Buy was distorted. The advantage it has is the sub that comes with is smaller and the piano finish...but how the speakers sound is what counts in the end.

    Ill be back on tomorrow evening to check back, thanks

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    Between the two, I'd have to go with the Onkyo 770. I think you get more for your money. The piano finish on the Yamaha's is a result of plastic enclosures. They sound pretty good but still... The Yamaha 450 is a nice little system but it's now a little over priced. $350-400 is more realistic. The 770, often $399 at Fry's, just offers more value. And tell your mom a bigger sub is a good thing!

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