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Yamaha RXV-540 video switching problem. Please help!! (1 Viewer)

Gwon Chang

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Jan 3, 1999
Hi there...

I bought an Xbox yesterday and everything went well. I plugged the Xbox cables into the red/white/yellow of my receiver's (Yamaha RXV-540) VCR video-in. My video exits via an S-video cable to the TV, which I have on Video 1 to allow for the receiver to do the switching.

I played about 3 hours worth of Xbox yesterday afternoon without issue.

After dinner and stuff, I fired up the rig and got audio fine, but my video was reddish tinged, with horizontal, screen-width lines rolling from bottom to top. There was a faint ghost of a display, but not what was supposed to be there. I switched from TV to VCR (Xbox) mode. Same thing. I switched to DVD mode (with the DVD off, which should leave the screen black) and it gave the same reddish display. I switched S-video cables between the receiver and TV and still the same problem.

The TV still works fine. Any video signal that feeds into and through the receiver appears to have a problem. Hence, by my expert troubleshooting, it appears that my receiver video component has a problem. What do you all think?

Also, do any of you have experience with Good Guys/Yamaha warranty service? I don't think I can find my original sales receipt (3/04), but the GG rep printed me something that may work. Or can they go by serial numbers?


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