Yamaha RXV-3200 sound levels

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    For anyone who owns one of these units, I just got one last week.
    I am not as literate in the A/V world, so excuse my ignorance.
    This unit, when hooked up to my components does not appear to be as loud as my previous source, an Onkyo integrated amp. I can certainly play my music/movies loudly, but I feel like I am much closer to the lower dB levels to achieve the results I want.

    Am I missing something? I suppose it is not quite a big deal, I can still get very loud sound, but it seems I should be getting that sound with higher dBs.

    Anyone make sense of all this?
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    Older receivers and integrated amps covered a large volume range over the first 1/3 to 1/2 rotation of the volume knob, and a very much smaller range over the remainder of the knob's rotation. The newer receivers (e.g., your RX-V3200) with digital display of dBs show a more uniform distribution of steps throughout the volume range, with the result that normal listening levels occur at what may seem to be higher levels of volume adjustment. However, this is only an illusion that results from the more linear adjustment scale. I think your RX-V3200 is working fine.

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    Newer receivers use digital volume control where the knob will spin forever till you reach the limits of the pre amp and amp. Most older receivers use a different scale where it only moves from the 8-o-clock to the 4-o-clock position which I assume your old amp was. In this scale, since 3db or was it 6db doubles the volume, the half way point on the old knob will equal -6 or -3db on the digital volume control. The older yamaha receivers had the numbers printed around the knob to illistrate this db level thing. I assume you turn your knob up to -30 or so then it starts to get real loud right? This is the way it should be, -30 on your old unit would be about 1/4 way up or close to it.

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