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Yamaha RX-V530 Questions (1 Viewer)

Morlan Liu

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 19, 2003
1. When I set the center speaker to "NONE", it still plays sound through the center speaker using test tones from VE and the built-in test tones. When I set the surround speakers to "NONE", the built-in test tones don't play...I assume this should be the same behavior for all setting right?

2. I have set all speakers to "SMALL" (JBL NSP1 II). So for 1D BASS what should I set it to? "SWFR" or "BOTH". The manual says that if speakers are set to "SMALL", 90Hz and below are sent to the speaker set in 1D BASS. So if I set 1D BASS to "SWFR", does that mean it'll play LFE as well as 90 Hz and below or do I have to set it to "BOTH" to do that? I have used NCH Tone Generator and my mains play well below 90 Hz, I have tested like 40's.

So do I have a problem with my receiver? Is it acting the way it should? Any other RX-V530 owners have the same behavior with the center speaker setting? Please advise, thanks so much! Oh BTW my subwoofer is the Tiny Mighty DLS 10.

Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001

1. Set the Center Spkr to SMALL and forget about "None" since you have a center!

2. Set rears and MAINS all to SMALL. Your Mains would have to be good down to below 35Hz to be considered "Large."

3. Select SWFR and forget about BOTH. (That wud muddy the bass/LFE response by playing low bass thru the sub and both mains; plays havoc with room soundwaves.)

4. Calibrate all around using Yamaha test tones at 75dB with a Sound Pressure Level meter; or get an Avia or Sound&Vision HT DVD test disk and calibrate to 85dBFS.


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