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Phil McG

Sep 20, 2006
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Phil McG
Hello everyone, I'm Phil and I just joined up here a few days ago. I've been lurking around reading many pages of posts for a little while now, but this is my first post. I'm an Electronic Media grad student in PA, and so I consider myself a burgeoning audiophile, but I still have a lot to learn. I've really gotten a lot out of your comments during my current search for a new AV receiver, and I'm hoping you folks can help me finalize my decision.

I was originally going to limit myself to under $500 for my receiver, but I'm now looking in the $500-$750 range. I've stumbled on a good deal for a Yamaha RX-V2500 at $629 new, and it seems to be the perfect unit for what I'm looking for, but I'm wondering if the fact that it's been on the market for almost 2 years should affect my decision. Are there other, newer receivers under $800 that are better equipped than the 2500, or is it still a good choice? The review at audioholics.com (also 2 yrs old) has nearly convinced me that this is the one I should go with, but I'm curious as to any opinions you all can offer me.

There is also an Integra DTR6.5 available at the same location for $690, should I consider it? Originally I was stuck on the HDMI question (to have or not to have?), but after visiting BB, CC, and Tweeter (among others), all of the guys I spoke with agreed that HDMI is not necessary in my receiver:
I don't have an HDTV yet, but will be purchasing one withing 6 mo. (when I do it will most certainly have at least 2 HDMI inputs, so I can simply connect my cable box and my future PS3 directly to it, and run just the audio through the receiver)

As for my speakers, I have an old HK quad setup, but will be upgrading those to go along with my new receiver; My living room is approx. 12' X 18'.

I very much appreciate any input you guys can give me, since I've come to value your opinions after lurking around for a while. Aside from the "2-yr-old model" issue, I'm basically just curious if I'm making the right choice with this Yamaha. I went to 4 locations to audition receivers and each time I told the employee my price range and what I would be using it for (75% TV/DVD, 25% Audio only). I asked them which name they would choose for me out of those they sold, and 3 times (at BB, CC, and Tweeter) I was taken straight to the Yamahas.

I found that compelling, especially because I was originally leaning toward Pioneer 1016, Denon AVR-2106, the Sony STR-DG800, or the all-digital Panny XR70. I wasn't even considering the Yamahas because they didn't have HDMI. Since I can't afford to make the jump to the Pioneer Elites, and HDMI can be utilized in the future through just my HDTV and my other components, it seems the 2500 would be the logical choice (especially at $629). Not to mention it sounds spectacular.

So, in summation (I'm really sorry my first post has become a book):
*Does it matter that this Yamaha model has been on the mkt for 2 yrs?
*Has Yamaha released a newer version of the 2500 this (or last) year?
*Should I consider the Integra DTR6.5 over the Yamaha 2500?
*Should I draw any conclusions from the fact that three separate stores quickly recommended Yamaha over others?
*Any Denon, Onkyo, H/K in the $500-$750 range that might be better than the Yamaha?

BTW, BB has a new Yamaha RX-N600 ($599) that boasts some home networking capabilities, which I might be interested in...is it worth looking at?

Thank you all very much to whomever made it to the end of this post and feels like helping a new guy out!



May 1, 2003
Short answer: YES the 2500 sounds great.

There is a RX-V2600 and already a RX-V2700 which is the latest 2006 model. I think they differ only in the feature set and capabilities and should sound just as good as each other; the question is whether you can live without these new features (2600/2700 does HDMI upconversion/upscaling which is useful in the sense that you can just have one cable for video going to your display)

If you were looking at the older Panasonic, maybe you can look at the newer XR57 which also has HDMI (albeit no switching/conversion/upscaling) which for $300 sounds very very good. You can try this out at home for 30 days from J&R at the expense of return shipping ($15?)

Sony I'd not recommend if you were looking at other than ES models (too many somewhat unimpressed users ofthe DE. Maybe the DG line is improved, you can ask at http://www.agoraquest.com/)

Bullet Head

Sep 17, 2006
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The Pioneer Elite VSX80TXV is $435 shipped from

Authorizedelectronics.com and

they both have good customer feedback.


Second Unit
May 14, 2001
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Welcome Phil! My decision came down to the Yamaha 2500 and the Denon 3805, both older models. HDMI wasn't a big concern for me as I prefer to go direct from source to monitor. From the review you mentioned and the ones I read on www.hometheaterhifi.com the two were neck and neck. Went with the Denon (used) after a long debate but think I would have been happy with either one. Going with an older model is a great way to get better quality and sound if you aren't too concerned with the latest bells and whistles. You may want to look at the Onkyo 703/803 models and HK 635, similarly priced. Whichever you choose, enjoy it!

Tom Donaghue

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Aug 18, 2005
Similar to Barry's sentiment, I'd say the RX-V2500 is more comparable to the Denon AVR-3805 in performance and feature set. The 2106 is a very good receiver for it's price point (I have an 886/2106 in my secondary setup and an RX-V2500 in my main setup), but if you can find a 2500 similar or close in price, the 2500 is the better of the two.

Again agreeing w/Barry, looking into last year's models (or the even the year before that) allow you to get a fairly current feature set and solid receiver while knocking a few dollars off the original sticker price. IMO, a great way to improve your system w/out breaking the bank... -TD

Tony Genovese

Supporting Actor
Oct 5, 2000

Not the manufacturer's warranty of course, but the Butterfly warranty (I guess if they don't want to cover it they flit away).

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