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    I recently purchased the Yamaha HTR-5560 and I have been quite happy with it. When purchasing it, however, I was on the impression that it did DTS-ES. Well, it does not, but I am still pleased with it. It will matrix DTS-ES though. Is this much different than DTS-ES discrete? It also says that a separate decoder can be added on if a new sound format should be invented. Does this mean that I could add on a DTS-ES discrete decoder if I wanted to in the future? And on a separate not, I currently have my subwoofer hooked up through speaker wire running from my fronts. Would I be better off buying a subwoofer cable and running my fronts straight from my receiver?
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    Your Receiver has DD-EX and DTS-ES(compatible) decoding.
    Since it does not have a 6th amp, or even pre-out for the 6th channel, Yamaha rely on a "HRTF"-based downmix of these formats to 5.1.

    Myself I have a Yamaha DSP-AZ2 (European version of (RX-V3300). There is nothing in the manual saying that this amp also have this feature if the 6th speaker is not connected, so I gave it a test. And the result was it`s very hard to hear a difference in EX/ES-mode compared to straight DD/DTS 5.1, when the 6.th speaker isn`t there. While with all speakers connected, the difference is obvious.
    So, maybe the models with 6ch. amps don`t have this HRTF-feature, or maybe the feature isn`t anything to write home about...

    Anyway, it`s not possible to connect a separate DTS-ES decoder, since the multi-channel input is 5.1, not 6.1, and also since the receiver only have 5ch-amps.
    And even iof it was possible, I suppose it would be a questionable path to go.

    Regarding yout Sub, it definitely would be a better idea to connect it through the sub-out.

    Karl Erik Sylthe

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