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Yamaha NS-8HX and YST-SW1500 (1 Viewer)

Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
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Hi Arup

I am very curious about these speakers also. Most equate Yamaha speakers to what they see on line and at BB, CC, etc.

This speaker line (X-series), is in a whole different league.

Very impressive build quailty, high quaility drivers and componets, beautiful wood veneer, and heavy. Certainly won't find these at BB, CC, etc. I've been told they are "extremly accurate" and to try to put them in a ("very basic" sound class), NOT forward & pushy as one might think, but more toward the "High End" Britt sound.

Being that Yamaha is also very well know for their musical insterments, I would think they are very capable of building & designing a "Very" High Quailty and Accurate speaker.

They may not be everyones piece of cake and a speakers sound quailty is certainly very much a personal preferance. They (Yamaha), make very high quaitly electronic componets as most here already know, it's to bad more BM Audio Shops don't handel this line.

It would be nice to see some feedback from personal auditions and or owner feedback. Very few have heard this speaker line and reviews are far a few in the states.

I won't be hearing these anytime soon as the closest place to demo for me according to dealer locations, is over 600 miles away. :frowning:
If anyone has had the opertunity to audition/listen to these, your feedback would be appreciated along with the gear/transport that was used to drive them....

Arup is probley the most knowledable person I've spoke with in regards to Yamahas "entire" electronic and speaker equipment line.
HTF's possibly most informened Yamaha expert.....He defintly knows Yamaha!

Thanks for all your Yamaha information Arup! Now if we could get some of their high end seperates from accross the water available in the states.....



Stunt Coordinator
Apr 27, 2003
Many thanks for your praise Geoff. There are others in the forum far knowledgable than me. It would be good to hear from others who own Yamaha high end speakers like the NS-1000x or NS-300 and NS-8HX. Also would love to hear from owners of Yamaha subs like YST SW-800/1500/320.

I also happen to own Canton Ergo 120 speakers as well as Accuphase DP-70 CD player so I like other stuff apart from Yamaha although I do have a definite bias towards Yamaha.

Tom Boz

Dec 1, 2003
I just auditioned a pair today. Very impressed! This is the first pair of Yammy's I've liked this much since listening to very high end near field Yamaha monitors in a studio.
The man selling them is trying to get rid of them for some other unstated high end speaker. The NS8's were $1000Cdn from $25000 the center and sats were $400 from $900. Does anyone know if his original prices are accurate or is this guy full of ..IT!
The only problem with these is the size...huge. Not that its a problem for me, but the wife?

Rudi B

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 18, 2002
Also would love to hear from owners of Yamaha subs like YST SW-800/1500/320.
Well, I'm an ex-SW-800 owner, now a happy "SVS cult member". The difference between the two (SVS PB2+) is staggering, in SVS's favour of course. Yamaha was boomy, you even had to recalibrate for music listening because of that stupid thumping, almost one-note-like... I sold it to a friend and the amplifier died in a month that he had it. Thank god the repair was only $25. :)

I know that the price difference is x2, but since the similiary priced "lower" SVS models supposedly play the same until pushed to their limits, I have a hard time not recommending SVS's units.
Nov 28, 2001
I currently have a Yamaha YST-SW320. I like this sub for movies but it can be boomy for music. I can hear, more or less, different bass notes when listening to music but is is just not as sharp as some other subs I have heard.

I have had it for a few years now and I am looking to upgrade my sub to maybe a SVS. My room is 17x13 and it does a good job at filling it. It did yake a month or so for the sub to open up sound wise. I will tell you that I listened to a Velodyne in the $500 range, I don't know what model, and the Yamaha sounded better to me.


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