Yamaha HTR2064 Problems.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Nevakonaza, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I have a Yamaha HTR2064,Its a brilliant AV receiver although im now having issues.
    When using my Playstation 3,Or watching a Blu-ray movie the screen on my TV will just randomly go black then after about 10-20 seconds come back on..while the audio is still playing in the background.
    Or it will go black and i get the message "Invalid format" or "No connection". I have replaced all the HDMI cables so it cant be those,I have contacted LG (Who make my TV) and they say the issue is most likely to be down to the AV reciever. ...Its as if the receiver is dropping the signal from my PS3/Blu ray to my TV.
    Now its weird because it does not do it all the time,sometimes i can use the PlayStation or Blu ray for hours with no issues then other times i can be half way through a movie and it does it,Its a very Intermittent issue. Im lost for any other ideas to try and fix this issue,Appreciate any help.
    I have tried using my PS3 just connected to the TV today,without going through the amp and no black screen or anything.
    Is it my amp is failing?...its a bit worrying if it is though as BESTBUY UK has closed down now and Yamaha are based in Germany?...im certainly not paying postage back to them for RMA. :(
    Appreciate the help guys.
    Thanks in advance. :)
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    It doesn't matter if you bought yours at Best Buy. Yamaha(and I checked UK/Ireland) has a huge independent dealer network.
    Go to Yamaha and go to SUPPORT and look up Audio/Visual and the city you live in.
    Any of the dealers are supposed to offer help when there is a problem. Hopefully it is still under warranty. Here in the US we get 2 years. The same over there???

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