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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by msmo, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hi all, I'm a first time user and hope someone will be able to answer my question. My husband & I just hooked up a new LCD TV yesterday and can not get the surround sound system to work correctly. When I run the test mode for the 5 spkrs w/ sw, all alternate & work properly, but during regular TV & DVD viewing only the FL & FR can be heard and those 2 spkr icons are the only ones seen on the menu on the front of the receiver. We have the HDMI cables connected. The system worked with the old TV so I'm assuming it is an error in the way I made the connections. Any ideas? Thanks, Ms Mo
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    If the speaker output sound during the tests then the connections should be correct. If only the Left and Right speakers are showing up on the display then the receiver is only getting a Stereo signal. Try using one of the surround modes (Dolby ProLogic, DTS Neo:6, etc) and see if the other speakers become active. To me this sounds like a setting in the receiver or the satellite/cable box and dvd player. Check the audio output of the cbl/sat box and make sure its set to Dolby Digital. Do the same for the dvd player which should be Bitstream, not PCM.

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