Yamaha HTIBs any good ? Considering YHT-470

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Arvind, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Hi. I am in the market to buy a hi-fi system for movies and music (50-50). My budget is about Singapore $ 1200 (~USD 700). I already have a DVD player and a large screen TV - just need a good 6.1 receiver and speakers. I was looking for separate solutions, but the sales person at Best Denki here really sold the idea of buying a Yamaha combo called the YHT-470. Not sure if this one qualifies as a HTIB, since the receiver is the standard RX-V450 also available as a separate and there is no DVD player. I know that the Yamaha RX-V450 is a very capable separate, but not so sure about the Yamaha speakers. The speakers offered are NS-7390CH main, NS-P70 surround, and a center (not sure about model). There is no subwoofer in the package, since the mains have an inbuilt sub. I am a bit suspicious about the speakers. I am not an audiophile, so could not tell much from the test they did in the store - given all the other noise, and the fact that the speakers were all laid out in a row ! Any advice ? Would it be better to buy this package, or get a better set of speakers to go with the RX-V450. I also heard that a new version of the 6.1 receiver is expected from Yamaha in the next few months - the RX-V457. Any news on that one ?
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    Welcome to the Forum, Arvind!

    The big selling point of a HTIB is its all-in-one convenience. Since you already have a DVD player there’s no reason to go that route. This Yamaha system isn’t really a HTIB anyway, it’s just a regular receiver packaged with a speaker system.

    Yamaha makes some great electronics, but they (like most Japanese electronics companies) are generally known for making mediocre speakers. I think your best bet would be to look for speakers from a company that specializes in speakers.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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