Yamaha HT5590 What do you think???

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by ArthurM, Oct 31, 2002.

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    I work at a electronic store, so most of the stuff I can get fairly cheap. I am not a super Audiophile, just want good stuff so I can bother my neighbor (hahaha).
    I saw the Yamaha HT5590 at my store. It has 700 watt's like any new Audio person I zoomed in on that. Yea I know its not watts that matter. That's why I am hear.
    I own a Kenwood HTB w/powered 8" sub. Not bad for the price I purchased it at. But now I am ready to move on.
    I can get the Yamaha HT5590 for 472.99+tax (I hate Tax)
    and I was going to pair it with JBL Studio Series Speakers.
    the 38II's are 270.00 a pair the center is 137. The backs would be the S26's I think can rem they cost 217. pair.
    Last would be the SVS Sub. Yes as you can guess I have been reading post's I will splurge on that sub. One it will last me a life time. And the bragging right's would be fun. Any comments I would love to hear negative or positive if you can beat the speaker performance price. I would entertain the thought of purchasing different. Only if the price was 5% diff.[​IMG] Thanks for the reply's Art.
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    Jun 21, 2002
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    Arthur: I'd say, first of all, that the Watt listing on many speakers can be a bit misleading. You have to couple the Wattage rating along with the Total Harmonic Disturbance (THD) percentage (the lower the better), which gives you a pretty basic indication of amp quality.

    As for your choice -- it seems like a good one. I have a similar setup (S312IIs, S-CenterII, S36IIs, PB12) and it's the amp I'm considering -- I work at an electronics store also, and I get a nice tidy discount too.

    I'm an audio newbie though, so I'd listen more to what others have to say. I'll be interested to hear their responses, because of my similar predicament. Best of luck to you whatever you end up choosing!

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