Yamaha DVC-6480 DVD Changer - Opinions?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Robert_V, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Robert_V

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    Apr 19, 2000
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    I wanted to get some feedback.....

    I just ordered the Yamaha DVC6480 DVD 5-Disc Changer to replace my Toshiba SD-3109 2-Disc DVD player.

    I will not be using the progressive video option since I am using a non-HDTV (Zenith, 27").

    Should I expect significant improvement in video and audio?? The Yamaha had built-in DTS in addition to the DD 5.1.

    Let me know any and all comments.

  2. TimothyE

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    Dec 31, 2002
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    I also had the Toshiba SD-3109. The jump in audio and video quality was tremendous. In fact I couldn't tell the difference between it and the Panasonic CP72 on any material I threw at it. The CP72 has what most people consider to be equal PQ to the RP82, but it also suffers from many occurances of a component grounding problem.

    The build quality was top notch, and the remote, though cheap-felling, was much nicer than that of the CP72. It also has both optical and coaxial digital audio out, unlike a number of players these days.

    There were only two reasons I didn't keep the Yamaha (I actually got the C920, which is the same thing). First, it didn't have power on/off with the remote. Second, it didn't have the "time remaining" display function, which was important to my wife and I. I still wonder if I could've lived with its deficiencies, but I didn't want to shell out $350 for something that would nag me like that.


  3. KeithH

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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Robert, the 'C6480 (or 'C920) has gotten some good reviews here, so do a search. In the end, you will have to compare the two players. The 'C6480/'C920 looks to be very solid for the money. I've seen one in stores, but I was not able to demo it. If nothing else, the Yamaha changer will give you DVD-Audio, which should not be overlooked.

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