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    Yamaha's old top of the line reciever. Three years old but in perfect condition with all original packaging and remote, etc.

    Yours for $600 OBO.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Peter Staddon

    FLAGSHIP HOME THEATER PROCESSOR/AMPLIFIERThe DSP-A1 is a 7-channel processor/amplifier providing the finest performance available for music and video sound. The processor provides 42 possible programs including Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic, Yamaha's proprietary Tri-Field Processing, Cinema DSP, and Hi-Fi Digital Sound Field Processing. The 7 channels are: Left/Right Main, Center, Left/Right Rear Effects, and Left/Right Front Effects. The addition of front effects speakers adds depth to the image.

    DISCRETE POWER TRANSISTORSDiscrete power transistors rather than IC chips are used in the amplifier section to provide the cleanest sound possible. The amp delivers 110 watts each to the main five channels and 35 watts each to the front effects speakers.

    BUILT-IN DOLBY DIGITALThe most advanced and realistic encoded surround sound for movies. The new Dolby Digital system is a fully discrete system providing six channels of sound. It is called a 5.1 channel system since five channels are full-frequency, and the sixth is a low frequency effects channel.

    BUILT-IN DTSDTS is the latest digital 5.1 channel sound format and is available on laserdiscs, CDs, and will be encoded on DVDs, as well. DTS uses a higher bit-rate than Dolby Digital.

    TRI-FIELD PROCESSINGA new ASIC, YSS-245, provides Yamaha's exclusive Tri-Field Processing which applies Digital Sound Field Processing technology to Dolby Digital and DTS. It creates a true movie theater experience in the home by developing independent enhanced sound fields for the front signals as well as for left and right surround.

    39 DSP/CINEMA DSP PROGRAMS -- INCLUDING 70mm MOVIE THEATER CINEMA DSPYamaha's exclusive Digital Sound Field Processing for music recreates the acoustic personalities of actual concert halls and other venues, such as the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, New York's Village Gate, and various concert halls and churches in Europe. 35mm and 70mm Cinema DSP multiplies the effects of Dolby Pro Logic and Yamaha DSP to provide the best possible Pro Logic movie theater recreation in your home. Processing is done by Yamaha's YSS-214 IC chip.

    NEW MODESIn all, a dozen sound fields are new including a new "Entertainment" category and new Sci-Fi modes for movies specially created to enhance DTS and Dolby Digital. For music, Yamaha adds the recently sampled Bottom Line in New York and Royaumont Monastery in France.

    DOLBY PRO LOGICStill the most popular format for movie surround sound and superbly handled by the DSP-A1.

    NEW YAMAHA DESIGNED IC CHIPSYamaha has designed and employed single function IC chips, called ASICs -- Application Specific Integrated Circuits -- for the DSP-A1. ASICs are more efficient than multi-function chips and provide the most accurate decoding possible. Yamaha's YSS-249 is an ASIC whose function is decoding Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic.

    NEW DIGITAL CIRCUITRYYamaha's new digital circuitry yields higher resolution sound thanks to its 128x oversampling 24-bit analog-to-digital converters and 8fx oversampling 24-bit D/A converters.

    ON-SCREEN DISPLAY WITH SPEAKER TEST MODEAllows you to easily establish, change, and adjust settings from across the room. The on-screen display gives you a visual readout of the DSP-A1's settings on your TV or monitor screen. The on-screen speaker test mode makes it easier to balance speaker output from your listening position.

    MULTIPLE DIGITAL INPUTSThe DSP-A1's rear panel has an extensive jack field capable of accommodating 3 coaxial digital and 5 optical digital sources as well as an RF input for an AC-3 ready LD Player. Additional 5.1 channel discrete inputs are also provided for use with external decoder. The unit has a total of 11 inputs, 5 audio, 6 video. All video inputs have provision for S-Video. 1 optical digital output is also provided.

    PRE/MAIN COUPLINGBack-panel couplers for the main left and right channels and center channel make it easy to insert outboard equalizers or other processing.

    PRE-OUTS FOR ALL OTHER CHANNELS INCLUDING SUBWOOFERThe front and rear effects channels and subwoofer all have pre-out connections. This allows you to add outboard amplification and direct subwoofer connections. There are provisions for connecting up to 3 subwoofers.

    NEW LEARNING AND PROGRAMMABLE REMOTE CONTROLThe advanced remote control with the DSP-A1 has learning capability and can be programmed for up to 13 macros, so it can perform a sequence of functions at the touch of a single button. The keypad is back-lit for easy operation in a dimly lit home theater.

    LOW IMPEDANCE DRIVE CAPABILITY AND IMPEDANCE SWITCHINGYamaha's famed low impedance drive circuitry is included in this receiver so that it can handle virtually all loads and a wide variety of speakers. For further speaker matching, the amplifier can set for either high or low impedance speakers.

    LINEAR DAMPING FACTOR CIRCUITThe advantage of full range, 20 to 20,000 Hz, damping is that it improves the definition and resolution of the sound output throughout the audible frequency range.

    RECORD OUT SELECTORYou can listen to or view one source while recording another.

    DUAL CENTER CHANNEL OUTPUTSYou can easily add a second center channel speaker. This is especially convenient for large-room systems or for those using a big screen or projection TV.

    BASS EXTENSION CONTROLAccentuates the bass by adding a 7dB boost at around 70 Hz.

    TONE BYPASS SWITCHAllows you to bypass the bass and treble controls and provides a flat, pure signal.

    BINDING POST SPEAKER TERMINALSYamaha's heavy-duty binding post speaker terminals accept banana plugs, spade connectors, and a variety of speaker wire, including heavy gauge cable.
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