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Nov 24, 2008
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hello to all. I am in the process of putting together a new surround system and would like some opinions on which reciever to go for. I have totem hawk tower, center and tac8 rear in-ceiling speakers. I guess I should mention that I also have a 52" aquos flat screen, blue-ray and hd box. Any thoughts and opinions on these receivers would be great!

yamaha v3800
denon 3808ci
onkyo tx-sr876

Thanks again.


Jan 20, 2009
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Rob M.
Hello Glendon! I Had done the same soul searching about one year ago, and gladly chose the Yamaha RX-V3800B unit! Post-purchase, I have purged most of my memory regarding any specs/features on the other two units, and have been on the learning curve with the Yamy for some time now.

I recall initially concerning myself with brand, more than individual specs and features, as this is my first major foray into high end home theater. After reading many reviews and talking to many salesmen that had access to at least two out of three brands, in respective stores, I went gladly in the direction of Yamaha. They just have such a wealth of experience and technical know-how when it comes to musical instruments, linked to extensive reproduction savvy, both with hardware and sound engineering.

We have built a nest of 6 Totems, which many will say, require an abundance of high quality power to make them sing. The 140W/Ch fit the bill nicely, as the spec tag on the Sttafs & Model 1 signatures, etc. state 30 to 130W recommended. I rarely push the speakers very hard, and would rather run the receiver at mid levels, with lots of power to spare.

Features and expandability are what led me to this model in particular. It was at the breaking point for our receiver budget, but we believe in buying the very best pieces one can afford to maximize the experience and provide the best longevity. Our shop actually had a deal to provide 25% off any amp when purchasing a set of Totems, and with a little nudging, and painful wince, applied the same to our V3800, netting us a $450 reduction (CDN dollars).

We were very impressed with the depth and range of future possibilities as far as connectability and remote powering of up to three separate systems from the main receiver, viewing or listening to up to three signals! Ethernet, satellite, i-pod, USB, 4 HDMI in ports, full network capability. Just perfect for us, as you never know where the music and video will take you!

I have had so much pleasure one-button cruising between a myriad of listening codecs and atmospheres, both with strictly audio playback and Bluray movie surround sound formats. I also purchased a Denon SACD player that has multi-channel and stereo mode outputs, which mated perfectly to the Yamaha.

Well, I could go on and on, but in the end, really must give a 100% thumbs up for this unit, we could not be happier. Oh...there was one more unit above this in the Yamaha line-up, with more power, but on the web-site it recommends a minimum room size of 20 by 24' ! Way more available room than we have, or plan to have in the foreseeable future...lol

Good luck, and please post the results of your journey! Cheers, Rob.

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