Xmas present: Denon 1601/1802 vs Marantz SR-5000

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    Oct 6, 2001
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    Getting a HT system for the 'rents. Looking at Paradigm Speakers all around: Monitor 7's, Micro's, CC-370 and PDR-12.
    Looking at deals on receivers, can get a couple cheap. NOTE: DPLII is not important for me. I can get the Denon 1601(60wpc)/1801(70wpc) for $235/$300 respectively from www.6ave.com. Or the Marantz SR-5000(70wpc) for $300 (refurbished) from www.Accessories4less.com
    Question #1: Would the 1601 be enough to power this system (speakers highly sensitive: 91+db)
    Question #2: Which receiver is better for music?
    This system would be used a lot for music, too. Even though the Denon's are highly regarded, there are a lot of negative comments (without explanation) about the musical abilities of the 1601/1801 on www.audioreview.com.
    I'm trying to be cheapo about this so as to maybe get them a pair of speakers (Atoms or Titans) extra for the dining room they can A/B with.
    Question #3: For music, would the PDR-12 or the PS-1200 be better? I'm concerned the PS series will be too boomy for music with it's band-pass design.
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    One of our board members(Chris PC I think) has had trouble with his Marantz 6200 dropping Audio with CDs and DVDs. I don't know how widespread this is with Marantz's products, or if the 5000 suffers with this problem, but it's something to be aware of.


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