XGA or 9:16

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    Sep 28, 2002
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    Seems to be that 9:16 (960x540) almost results in the same resolution as XGA projecting widescreen.

    Does this mean it is always better to get 9:16 instead of true XGA (PC based) for homecinema ?

    Extra advantage of 9:16, is that there are almost no "grey" bars.
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    Neil Joseph
    Most (97%) of my collection of DVD's are widescreen (only AVIA, Peter Pan & The Eagles are 4x3) so for me, it makes more sense to have a native 16x9 display device and screen. My pj is 1366x768. If I had gone with a 1024x768 setup then Toy Story for example would display @ 1024x576 compared to 1366x768. Also, you get more light spill to the sides of the screen when you try to view widescreen movies on a 4x3 display. Mostly depends on what you will be watching on it.

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