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    Aug 26, 2002
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    I just got the Sony xbr800 36 inch and have done the avia setup. It looks great with dvd and the digital channels on cable and even the analog channels come through pretty decent most of the time. I have been fiddling with the adjustable drc(digital reality creation)--their line doubler--to get the best picture. Does anyone have any tips on this. There are three modes(interlaced, progressive and cinemotion(3:2 pulldown) and an array of adjustability on three palettes between "clarity" and "reality"). I seem to get the clearest pictures on interlaced mode with the effects turned mostly down--odd as that my sound.

    I understand the modes, does anyone have tips on how to adjust the palettes and what those adjustments really do. I try to eliminate the "putty faces" that line doublers can cause on some signals--I have had mixed success.

    I am looking at the iscan plus as an external processor to improve the picture even further--I should get a chance to demo one this week--which would make this a moot point--but I would love to hear about what others with this set do.
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    Heh man,

    I also recently purchased the 36XBR800. Love it. I would be very interested to hear the results with the iscan and proc-
    essor. Please let me know.


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