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Xbox Memory Manager Question regarding available space (1 Viewer)


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Aug 2, 2000
The Xbox Memory Manager tells me that I have 50,000+ total blocks of memory and 50,000+ blocks availble. Now, my total used blocks is around 4000(3500 of that is ripped music). What my question is though, is how many blocks is the "+"? I would have assumed that it should have dropped some by now. Available should equal 46,000.
Well, what is everyone else's saying after they've ripped music and saved some games? Has you 50,000 available number dropped?
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Michael Hudson

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Jun 13, 2000
Mine has not changed either. I guess we have super big drives. :)
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Ron Gilbert

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Jun 18, 2000
Andy, I've got the same question. Utimately, I know its no big deal, but I'm just curious about how our 8 gigs are partitioned. I know that the space reserved as "cache" for games to stream data off of is on some sort of rotating partition, which should, and does, allow games to load faster each time you play after the first time. But I also know that if a game goes unplayed for a long, long time, that data is automatically erased. Presumebly (sp), the space reserved to save games is separate from the data cache space, or at least I hope it is, but as you've said, the games and soundtracks I've saved/ripped to the harddrive have not made a dent in the 50,000+ blocks yet. Anyone have a clue?

Rusty Ray

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Jun 26, 1999
yeah its very strange a friend has one and with two save games from halo and one from DOA3 it still said he had the max number of blocks available on the hard drive. (not like he's complaining)

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Aug 2, 2000
Yea, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all. I just think it's kinda strange that with 4000 blocks used up so far it hasn't made a dent in the 50,000 yet.
That "+" must be a very large plus
I'm guessing.
Oh well, whatever. I don't see myself running out of save space anytime soon :)
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James St

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May 8, 1999
I am so glad Microsoft put a HD in the X-Box. It has made saving games so easy. I bet that "+" holds more then a $35 memory card. The way some reviews read I thought song rips would take up far more room than they actually do. I ripped one song and takes up less space than two Halo saves.
Oct 25, 2000
I dont have my system yet but if this helps answer your question.
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