Xbox Live Peer to Peer only???

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by DwightK, Nov 15, 2002.

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    Are there games for xobx live that are NOT peer to peer? For some reason I was under some strange assumption that I would be playing Ghost Recon on high band-width servers, not like this. Peer to peer sucks for anything other than, well, anything. I envisioned huge sets of servers similar to the ones out there for Counterstrike.

    Right now I could not find a single game of Ghost recon that could handle more than 6 players. How do you play team games? 2 on 2?

    I am quite displeased with my purchase today. Jaded maybe? What did I pay $50 for? I sure hope there is a rosy side to this depression.

    Oh, are there "private" games? Passworded ones? Is there any better way to view games with lag/ping, something? Is there any way to play with folks from here, ARS, or wherever? It seems that my only option is to just simply join or create a game, period.

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  2. David Glenn

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    Is it strictly a P2P setup? If so, how do you know if a particular "host" has enough UL/DL bandwidth to run a stable game?

    I agree, it would be nice to see everyone's ping/lag during the staging/match setup(especially the host) so you can make a informed decision on whether or not to join a particular game. Even if they just showed the State of the host (they could use the info entered in the billing address).

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  3. Travis Olson

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    I think Microsoft has said that there will be server hosted games at some point. I can see them charging extra for it though.

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