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Second Unit
Mar 25, 2001
With the new price of the XBox myself and many others will be picking one up on the 23rd, so here's a question for you XBox veterans. What games should we get?

I'm all over Halo, when I've had the chance to play an XBox up to this point, that's the game I've always played, so that's a no brainer.

I'm a big Sega fan, so Jet Set Radio Future will be on my list as well.

I'm thinking about Ralisport Challenge, but I have a steering wheel for my PS2, so I may just wait and see if any good rally games turn up for that instead.

Other than that I've got no idea what games to get. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Evan S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 21, 2001
Yes, please recommend!!!;)
I'll be getting one in early June as well after the price decrease and am specifically wondering which sports game(s) to buy as well as if there are any good RPG's for this unit. Especially wondering which is the best BASEBALL game to buy and why.

Romier S

Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 1999
If you are really hardcore and like a good challenge I'd recommend Gunvalkyrie. Its definitely an enjoyable game. (16:9 too:D).
If you really want to show off the graphical capabilities and have a decently fun fighting game DOA3 is waiting for you:). Project Gotham Racing is a fantastic game as well.
If your looking for a good baseball game I would hold out until the end of this month for World Series 2k3. Seems to be a good looking game. Also coming this month is Morrowind (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RPG! see my review for the PC version) and also Hunter the Reckoning (4 player action!).
Also if you haven't tried them on the PS2 you can get superior versions of Silent Hill 2, Genma Onimusha (An almost completely different game on the box) and Blood Omen 2.

Dan B

Sep 17, 1999
The sports games on Xbox are decent. Check out NFL Fever, NFL 2K2 & Madden 2002 for football. NBA 2K2 for basketball. Don't forget SSX Tricky & Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 if you don't have those on PS2/Gamecube. Also, Max Payne is cool & so is Silent Hill 2.

Most of the good exclusives have been mentioned already, except maybe Oddworld, which is a fun game & you should be able to buy it new for $29.99 if you look around.

P.S. Best Buy has Halo, Project Gotham Racing, Rallisport Challenge, & Blood Omen 2 for $39 right now. Also, buy an advertised Xbox game + Controller S & get $20 cash back.


Steve K.H.

Supporting Actor
Jan 11, 2002
My kids (17, 15 and 12) love NHL Hitz. It's 3 on 3 and has a whack of options.

Most others listed are great.

Blockbuster makes renting a lot of games more sensible, such as Max Payne.

Remember, with the XBox, it will save your progress until the next time you rent. Don't worry about chewing up memory... the HDD on this unit will have room on it til your XBox becomes obsolete.

Other faves

Halo (obviously, but Halo 2 is around the corner, the on-line version. On-Line is to be here in October.

A whole whack of FPS and TPS are coming. XBox Mag (pricey but informative) is very good at rating current games and updating you on what is on the horizon.

Andy Sheets

Senior HTF Member
Aug 6, 2000
My kids (17, 15 and 12) love NHL Hitz. It's 3 on 3 and has a whack of options
I second this one. There are Xbox games that I own which are better games in terms of design, but I think this one actually gets the most *play* out of all the ones I own. Anytime I need a quick fix gaming session with a lot of goofy violence, I put this one in :) IMO, it's one of the best attempts Midway has had in replicating the fun of the original NBA Jam, only with hockey instead of basketball. It is multi-platform, but one thing to consider about those kinds of games is that the Xbox often gets the best versions either in terms of performance or extra options.
Regarding basketball games, while the best one overall is NBA 2K2, Inside Drive really shouldn't be overlooked too much. The knock against it is that it has almost no options, which can make or break a purchase for many sports gamers, but if you're looking for something that just plays the game of basketball well, I actually have come to prefer this one to Sega's work. I wouldn't be surprised if next year's edition with the franchise mode included actually ends up being the best basketball title. It's got a very solid base to work from.


Second Unit
Sep 30, 2001
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is better than crack. Be sure to pick that up along with Sega's Rallisport. Silent Hill was fun, but too straight forward and easy. I'm seeing some interesting games coming down the pipeline too so it's a great console to pick up....esp. if you have DD. You haven't experienced gaming until you heard it in Dolby Digital.

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