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    Yesterday I had a very strange problem with my xbox and the component video. I have used the component video pack with my 24" JVC TV regularly since the xbox launched. It worked fine until I moved into my new apartment last week. Last night, I reconnected the xbox with the component video, and all I saw on the TV was a mess.
    The picture was scrolling rapidly horizontally and vertically at the same time, with only a very faint xbox screen barely visible in the background. It is completely unuseable. The picture was reminiscent of a 20 year old tv set trying to catch a very faint signal from a coat hanger antenna.
    I rewired the xbox with the composite video cables, and everything worked fine. I am at a complete loss as to why the component video connection just stopped working. I thought that maybe something was ruined in the move, but everything seems to work fine with composite cables.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Go to the Xbox Dashboard and check your video and audio settings. If your Xbox was unplugged for a while, your system reverts to its manufacturer default settings. It sounds like maybe you have 480p turned on in the dashboard and your set doesn't support it.


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