Xbox Baseball -- Spring Training Starts Now!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Doug Miller, Feb 16, 2002.

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    Doug Miller
    Alright baseball fans, pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. It's time to start talking baseball games.

    I've been thumbing through sites trying to narrow down my choices for the coming year. Well, not much to thumb through since it looks like it's All Star Baseball or Triple Play. (Any new news on an Xbox exclusive baseball, it's out there... somewhere.)

    Being a PSone/PS2 guy until last year, most of my experience is with Triple Play, so that was where my initial leaning was. Just checking through sites, it sounds like Triple Play is going to be pretty similar to last year. No franchise, no stated changes in basic gameplay. I wasn't all that happy with last years version, I thought it was average, and not as fun as the previous years PSOne version. (I actually played the year before more than the PS2 version last year, I just traded some players, and made some.) It's nice to see that it looks like it will keep track of more stats this year, compared to last. They've brought up big graphical improvements in the stadiums (which I thought looked great last year) and in characters.

    I moved over to All Star Baseball, before checking out there site. Kind of a new comer, I didn't have any experiene with last years PS2 game -- ANYONE ELSE? How was it? I hit the website at MAN! If this game comes through with all of this, this could be a load of fun. I don't know how the gameplay compares to Triple Play, but this one has extras galore. Hall of Fame teams, "Madden Cards" (yeah, they're not Madden cards, but you know where they got the idea), franchise, and CREATE A TEAM! Miss having a team in Brooklyn? Create one and add them to MLB.

    The graphic differences between the two could be a huge factor for me. I bought an Xbox for a reason, I wanted the games to look damn good. But, that being said, I want the game to be fun and workable. I don't want to smoke the competition and I don't want to get shut out every game on a two hitter and an error.

    What does everyone else think?

  2. Rob Varto

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    Doug, I haven't heard anything about baseball at all for the XBox - too bad cause I have one too.

    I can't speak about the other games you mentioned personally, but if you have a PS2 or PC - get High Heat Baseball 2003. I LOVE this game! It has franchise mode (on PC only), fantasy draft, minors (3 levels!), trades, etc. It's the closest thing you'll get to real baseball on a console or PC.

    Of course, if you don't have a PS2 or PC, I heard that All Star Baseball and Triple Play have nice graphics... thats all Im going to say about them.
  3. Kenny Goldin

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    I al ready have ASB2003 PS2 pre-ordered. Last years was good, but this year promises to be much better. I hope there are injuries in this year's version.

    Also, one drawback is that you cannot have a franchise with an expansion team from what I understand which is a bummer, but the features alone make this seem ingly the #1 console baseball game available.

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