Xbox 360 Slim and LG BH6420P

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    Hi all, I have Xbox 360 Slim, my TV and my home theater LG BH6420P. My current connections are
    [*] My current connections are•Xbox -> TV via HDMI
    [*] Home Theater -> TV via HDMI
    [*] TV -> Home Theater via red/white audio cable (2 channels only)
    [/list] With this settings, I can hear game audio from my home theater system. Now I bought an optical audio cable, I changed connections to
    [*] Xbox -> TV via HDMI
    [*] Home Theater -> TV via HDMI
    [*] Xbox -> Home Theater via optical audio cable.
    [*] TV -> Home Theater via red/white audio cable. I leave it connected for testing purpose.
    [/list] With the change, I can no longer hear Xbox sound from my home theater. The Xbox audio output has been set to 5.1. If I switch Home Theater to use red/white cable it still works fine. I also tried to connect TV -> Home Theatre via optical audio cable, but still no sound. I have 2 questions here
    [*] When Xbox connects to TV via HDMI, does the optical output still works?
    [*] Anyone ever tried to connect Xbox with LG system successfully before?
    [/list] Any thing I missed here? There is not too mcuh settings I can use in LG system. Thanks for any input.
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    I don't have any experience with Xbox but I would imagine that when using HDMI the optical audio would be disabled. There may be a way to set the audio output option on the Xbox to optical. Tv's are very picky when it comes to sending digital audio through them to another device. So either the optical audio from Xbox is disabled or the tv just won't pass it to the home theater system. Just another reason that HTIB systems are not a great option. If you had a Receiver with HDMI inputs and a separate dvd/bluray player you could hook up the Xbox to receiver via hdmi, dvd/bluray to receiver via hdmi, and receiver out to tv via hdmi. Then for tv sound, optical out from tv to receiver's optical in. Using the TV as a junction or switch almost never works right. So basically if there is no option in the Xbox to output video only via hdmi and audio via optical than you may have to get a new Receiver or settle for analog sound on Xbox. Hope this helps you.

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