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Jun 27, 2013
Real Name
John Glasgow
Xbox 360 Games/Blu-rays/DVDs/CDs Most New Items have multiple copies available, ask if interested.
Xbox 360 Alan Wake – Disc Only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $4
Xbox 360 Dance Central – Disc Only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $3
Xbox 360 Kinect Sports – Disc Only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $4
Xbox 360 Project Gotham Racing 4-New/Sealed -$2 (~90 available willing to sell all 90+for $1 each)

The Pacific Bluray Tin Set Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New/Sealed -$16
The Ultimate Bourne Collection Trilogy (The Bourne Identity / The Bourne Supremacy / The Bourne Ultimatum) Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New -$11
Downton Abbey Season 1 Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New -$6
Downton Abbey Season 2 Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New -$8
Notting Hill Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New/Sealed -$4
Borat Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New -$4
The Bone Collector Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New- $4
Goal 3 - Taking On The World Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New - $4
North Face Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New/Sealed - $5
Woochi the Demon Slayer Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New- $7
Top Gear - Polar Special - Directors Cut Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New - $4
71-Into the Fire Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New - $8
Bugsy Malone Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New- $5
The Fog Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New- $6
The Elephant Man Blu-ray (UK Region Free) New - $10
The Godfather Collection (Coppola Restoration) Blu-ray (UK Region Free)- Used - $12
National Treasure Blu-ray – Mint -$4.5
National Treasure Blu-ray– Includes Disc only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $3.5
Firefly TV Series Blu-ray Brand New and Sealed (Has sticker but no shrink wrap around it). -$15
Sherlock Season 1 Blu-ray (UK Region Free) – Case cracked, 2 Discs Mint - $5
Anton Chekhov's The Duel Blu-ray – Mint - $6
Moon Blu-ray Lightly used-$4
Sunshine(Boyle) Blu-ray Lightly used-$4
Hunger (Criterion Collection) Blu-ray – New with sticker but no shrinkwrap - $15

Power of Myth, Rare, OOP with Joseph Campbell -New-$15, $70 on Amazon
Tinkerbell, Disney, New – $6
Jurassic Park Trilogy 5 DVD Ultimate Set, Used - $14
The Complete Sam Kinison 3 Disc Set – Used UPC 0013023161290 - $4
The Godfather DVD Collection 5 Disc Set, Used - $6
Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music Director's Cut 40th Anniversary Ultimate CE- Complete with Frayed Brown Outer Case. Box, all Extras, Cases, & DVDs in great shape -$17
The Odyssey, Used, Rare, OOP - $18
The Adventures of the Wilderness Family, New, Rare, OOP -$6
Entrusted, New, Rare, OOP -$8
Half Moon Street, New, Rare OOP -$10
Boxing Helena, Used, Rare - $9
Parenthood(Steve Martin), Used - $2
Wilder Napalm, Used, Rare - $3
So I Married an Axe Murderer,Used $.25
Everest as seen in Imax,Used - $.25
Step Brothers, Used - $.25
The Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis), Used - $.25
Marie Antoinette, Used WS version, Case broken - $0.15
When Harry Met Sally, Disc only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $0.15
I Heart Huckabees, Disc only. Light scratches and plays perfectly - $0.15

Justin Jones & The Driving Rain Love Verses Heroin- $1
A Gershwin Weekend, New. -$1
Barber's Adagio / Munch, Galway, Boston SO Strings, New - $1
I Heard It on NPR: Shake These Blues by Various Artists, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred McDowell,Susan Tedeschi, New -$3
Classic Disney Box Set – Rare,OOP. Missing Disc 3 of 5 and Box has tears on the corners. The 4 Jewel Cases and Discs are Mint though. Play perfectly. $12

I accept Paypal, GWallet, AMZN.

Only Interested in Trade For:
-Haswell Ultrabook/Laptop/Macbook
-Lenovo Yoga/Other Ivy Bridge Ultrabook/Hybrid

My Feedback: Heatware

P.S. I have other Non Home Theater or Movies stuff available too, but wasn't sure if I could post it here or in the HT FS Forum, but here it is: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2321793. Mods please let me know if it's okay to post this stuff anywhere or have this link to another forum site. I'll edit as needed. Thanks

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