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    1) how does the X-box work on a 16x9 wide screen TV (Pioneer Elite 610)? can you use standard "full" mode and fill the screen as with an anamorphic DVD or do you need to use one of the TV's 4:3 stretch modes?
    2) has anyone actually had a chance to compare the Microsoft supplied component video kit with the monster cable offering?
    3) looking at the monster cable design, it seems that the digital signal is converted to optical outside of the xbox in the add on converter (whether it be MS or MC). this leads me to believe that monster could offer a digital co-ax option as well. can anyone confirm this?
    if the xbox accessory plug *connector* and the pin out specs were available and the digital connection can be used with co-ax cable (correct protocol?) it would be easy to home-brew your own connector using some belden 1506A coax.
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    Paul, I think each game is different and some were written to support 16:9 and some 4:3 and some probably both. I just got an X-Box and I have a Pioneer 510. Right now I have the advanced pack which is S-vid and optical. I plan to get the HD Pack and component cables this weekend. If the game supports 480p and you use this option with the HD Pack, then the Pioneer will lock in 'full' mode as some TVs do when fed a progressive signal. This is one of the only banes of the Pioneers. When fed a progressive signal, they lock into full mode and you can't use any stretch modes at all. That said, with the s-vid cable hooked up, in the X-Box menu you can select 4:3, letterbox, or widescreen. I chose widescreen and Halo(my only game thus far) fills the screen entirely, with the exception of cut scenes. That's all I know so far.

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