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Sep 24, 2004
I am currently finishing up the lighting for my home theater. I four different "modes" of lighting: (1) rope lights, (2) wall lights, (3) recessed lights #1, (4) recessed lights #2. I have completed each one with the X-10 decorative wall switches and now a need a way to control them with a remote control. I have not purchased anything other than the wall switches. What else do I need? Will I need a receiver for each switch? Is there one that can do it all? Will each switch run on a different "house code"?

Thanks again,

Darren Mortensen

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Jul 26, 2001

If you want each zone of lights, in which you have described four, to work independently they will have to each be set to a separate code. You can operate these lights from a Universal X10 IR/RF type handheld remote. This is cumbersome, and requires plenty of finger action. A Macro based remote is ideally what you want. I use a Philips ProntoPRO TSU6000 for my system. It communicates with my X10 via an X10 IR/RF 4040 Transceiver... available at www.smarthome.com The 4040 converts IR information into X10 RF. By using repeating "dimming' commands I found at www.remotecentral.com for X10, I can configure "Scene" lighting with the ProntoPRO. Not the easiest system to set up, but it works fine.


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Feb 15, 2001
James, almost any of the inexpensive remotes from OneForAll and Radioshack (both made by the same company) can talk to the IR543, which is X10's Infrared to X-10 controller. The IR543 is like $20, and the remotes run from $10 to $40.

You plug it into the wall, it looks like a regular x10 control box, but has an IR receiver window on the front.

Almost all OneForAll remotes have the correct code built in to transmit the commands to this unit. The Radio Shack 15-1994 and 15-2116 in particular have the code, and make great HT remotes.

Also, if you're looking into these remotes and you've got some aptitude, checkout the JP1 Forum, as these remotes can also be connected to a PC for more upgrades.

Among the upgrades you can do via JP1, in addition to lots of Pronto-like stuff (for a lot less money), is to load a new version of the X-10 control code which simplifies turning lights on/off, etc.

(Instead of having to press "X10, Unit Number, LightOn", you could make one button press turn on/off a specific light, etc. I use such a setup to toggle my fireplace on/off)

Lastly, if you're using a learning remote like the MX-500 or a pronto, you could also use any of the OneForAll/RadioShack remotes with the X10 code to "teach" these commands to your more expensive remote then it could control the IR543.

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