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Brent Lumkin

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 14, 2003
Here is the deal.

I am currently using a Cyberhome 300, and it really is a great player. However, when I watch an anamorphic PAL disc on this player, it stretches the image to fill the entire screen.

I'm looking for something along the lines of the Toshiba SD4900, just any type of player that works, and will play any DVD from any region. I'm also not looking to spend a whole lot, as I know that players of this sort can be bought for $35-$50 or so, so there is an idea of what I want to do.

You can check my DVD collection to see if anything might interest you for trade, and if you do not find enough of things that you want, I'd also do a combination of DVDs and PayPal.

Please do not post offers in this thread. If you want to make a deal, please email me and post in this thread that you did send me an email. Also, when you email me, please include your DVDTalk user name.


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