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WTC and Bride Of Frankenstein (1 Viewer)

Henry Gale

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Jul 10, 1999
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Henry Gale
...and everything else I've tried to watch recently.
Rented Somewhere In Time last week, early in the film there's a skyline shot and I thought I saw a big black WTC tower. I wasn't. It was Chicago and I had spotted the John Hancock Building. Now, that should have ended any unpleasant associations, but it didn't. A few minutes later Christopher Reeve is driving north on Lake Shore Drive and in the backgroud is a city I know and love and have many special memories of.
All I could see was a jet melting into the Hancock.
A few days later I was watching Superman. You can imagine how badly that went. The man in the tight pants even lectures Lois on how safe flying is.
Last night it was 66 year old The Bride Of Frankenstein.
There's a windmill burning, that's all it took.
I really see no end to this visualization. But I'd like to.

Jay Taylor

Supporting Actor
Sep 8, 2000
Oklahoma City
My wife & I wanted to watch a movie to take our minds off all the evil being directed at our country. We wanted to watch a movie where good wins over evil. So we picked Superman. Unfortunately we were reminded of the evil in the numerous scenes with the World Trade Center in the background.
For us this dismal feeling won't go away until the evil perpetrators are exterminated.
That won't be for a long time...
Jay Taylor

Zack Scott

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 12, 2000
DO what I do in times of dire need for escapism...Watch the Marx Bors. movies. Actually any type of comedy. The night of the disaster, when I had enough of the news and I needed something to ease my mind before I went to bed, I watched Some like it Hot.
These things really help!

Neil S. Bulk

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Sep 13, 1999
Real Name
Neil S. Bulk
Actually any type of comedy.
Airplane! may not be the best comedy to watch right now. The same goes for The Naked Gun.
Neil - who just watched The Mummy Returns and was entertained for 2 hours
"Conspiracy theorists don't live on the same flat Earth as the rest of us." -- astronomer Stephen Maran

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