WOW ! Space 1999 Promos Tout our Local Station

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, Feb 28, 2002.

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    David Scarpa
    As a kid one of the things I still Remember is coming home after School and Parking my Butt down in front of the tube (Probably not a good thing) and watching our local station in WesternMass Alternate between Star Trek and Space 1999 weekdays at 4pm. You'd get Trek M-W-F and 1999 Tuesdays and thursdays. Now on the latest Set of 1999 Disks from A&E that memory snaps back as one of the promos they've thrown on the disk is for my local station ! These promos Had Landau and Bain on the set, and boy did Barbara Bainlooked Pickled, I've always suspected she was a bit tipsy reading (or Whispering) her lines , Now I know I was right !

    As to the series, much better in video quality over season 1,and prbably the best they've ever looked. Maybe too good as I half expected the denizens of "Fraggle Rock" to come busting out of the "Psychon" volcanic landscape in the beginning !

    Anyhow it's a guilty pleasure and a nostalgic trip I can't wait for UFO ! And of course the rest of season2 !
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    I have a Beta tape of a "Space 1999" episode (the episode was Brian the Brain) recorded in 1980 from KTLA in Los Angeles. The show looks like it's being run straight off 16mm, and changeover dots that look like they were hole-punched into the film come on before commercial breaks. Before and after the breaks, there's a slide with the show's title that comes on and dissolves into the show.

    This is actually the only episode I've ever seen, but I love the theme music!

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