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Wow... I smell a Tice Clock... (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2006
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I was trying to digest information about Rubicon capacitors... when I ran across a pecular little item known to some as the "Tice Clock." Supposedly, this "device," which supposedly looked no differently than an old RatShak LCD clock, would improve sound quality, by, get this; simply plugging it into the outlet near your A/V stuff. Wow. :eek:

Then I come across this page:

And... I quote:

"Instructions: Remove the orange Intelligent Chip from its clear plastic protective case and place it on top of the CD/DVD/SACD player directly above the transport section, silver label facing up. Next, insert the disc to be upgraded in the player, push "Play" and allow the disc to play for 2 seconds. The Chip can also be placed on top of the player while the disc is already playing with similar results. The upgrade takes less than 2 seconds and is permanent. Once the disc is upgraded, either remove the Intelligent Chip from the player and return it to its protective case or leave it on top of the player and insert the next disc to be upgraded into the player. Discs may be upgraded sequentially, leaving the Chip in place on the top of the player. Always store the Chip in its protective white case, well away from the player."

What, the, crap. :laugh: THAT was the most ILLOGICAL statement about proof of a working product :laugh:.
That's like saying to increase your amplifier output, we've designed a simple, yet effective polypropelene encapsule which houses scientifically advanced bi-hydrogen oxygenic properties which radically cool your amplifiers heatsinks effectively and quietly.

Only to find out your manual for your Onkyo/Yamaha/Denon...ect.. says...
"Do not submerge unit in water." :laugh::laugh::laugh:

I also found this.. :

They again quote:
"Machina Dynamica's brand new product is the Tru-Tone Duplex Cover, a special audiophile-grade cover for all duplex wall outlets. Tru-Tone Duplex Covers are intended to replace steel, plastic, wood and other types of outlet covers in the listening room, including non-audio outlets - even unused outlets."
What is the thing made of? Real dead audiopholies? Snake oil? Cardboard?

I say the manner of gullability. Such as the word with this:

"I have a stereo system on one side of the house and a home theater system on the other side. I started off putting the clock in the room with the home theater system where I noticed a better picture - smoother and more film-like. Then I took the clock to the stereo system room - big improvement in the sound!! Then I took the clock back to the home theater system, and when I returned to the stereo system the clock's effects were still present. Also, the clock worked quite well in the car."

Hmm... I thought it was only supposed to work in the house. What would it do in the car?

"In the drive through lane at McDonalds, I could hear my attendant's voice clearer and louder, as well as she heard my voice very clear and concise. She also got me my whole meal in 20 seconds without any error!"

"Just having the orange dotty clock in my car improves my gas mileage, adds 17 horsepower, and makes my air conditioning colder."

"When I placed this thing in my minivan, my subwoofers chudded louder, it made my rims grow spinners and shinier, and it even doubled as a pacifier for little Johny. When my husband puts it on top of his Bose 3-2-1 system, it sounds leaps and bounds better than his brothers Krell monoblock amps, Rotel Pre Amp, SVS subwoofer, and B&W Nautilus speakers. When he places it on top of his TV, that Insignia TV (with Digital DVD player built in) can easily blow away his sisters Pioneer HD Plasma with her Toshiba HD-DVD player."

I honestly don't know when people will learn. But I guess the guys at Orange Clock works laugh everytime they get paid.



Jul 17, 2006
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Seth L
That sounds like total craziness to me. How many of those are real testimonials? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :D

Phil A

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Oct 1, 2000
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Machina Dynamica's stuff is sold on Audiogon and I can't believe they actually get bids on some of the stuff (here's one ad - http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc....ek&1157514450). As to the clock, I have the Radio Shack clock (I needed a clock in the room anyway). I did not notice any change in the sound. I did however see some very minor improvement in the video, particularly blacks. The difference was very small and not something you'd notice on a majority of things. It was worth 18 bucks to me as the clock has a useful purpose for the clock itself. $200 is a bit too much for me.

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