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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by AlexBen, Sep 15, 2003.

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    Sep 13, 2003
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    ..just thought id catch your attention, hehe. Hey everybody I'm Alex, and I am another "n00b", even though i don't like spelling it like that. Anyways, what better introduction than to ask a question right?

    Here we go...

    OK, so I am not a hardcore home theater guy. Even though I think its cool to have an awesome setup, being 16 with no job has its limitations. And for me, the limitation is around $400. I would REALLY not like to spend any more than that. I am looking (like everyone else) for a good system that has nice power and CLEAR sound, the sub packs a punch, and it doesn't have to have a cd/dvd player. I know, its hard to find, and you'll probably tell me its not enough money or I will want to upgrade. I probably will, but having no money theres nothing I can do about it, =). So, taking into consideration that I have a limited budget, what systems should I be looking at. All in a box/ separate? whaddya think? Im leaning towards the sony 770 something or other. It's 269.99 on sale at thats just an idea of what I kinda want.. anyway heres my equipment list:

    Hisense 24" Flat screen TV (Hey, it works pretty damn good!)

    ...finally my list is over, hehe. Input please..

    Thanks in advance,
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    Check out Home Theater Direct's Level 1 speaker system. Add a $200 receiver and you're in business. This will give you more flexibility (vs. a box system) down the road if you choose to upgrade.
  3. Bill_Wil

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    May 26, 2003
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    Hi Alex,
    Welcome to the forum!!
    I usually suggest Onkyo systems to the people looking for a system in your budget. Heres a link to a nice package...

    I'm pretty sure they sell them at Circuit City too so check it out. Good luck!!!
  4. ChrisLazarko

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    Aug 13, 2003
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    I would stay away from Sony unless you are looking at just there ES line recievers, they have a tendancy to just go kapoot in your face. As for system, always look around. Yamaha offers some nice little packaages you can get. Unfortunatly you won't start hitting anything "good" until about $500-600 and that is minus a reciever.

    I might just look to do everything one piece at a time or see if your parents can chip in. Do maybe a loan thing... I am assuming this is gonna be for more than just you. Maybe you but the speakers, they buy the reciever?

    If you can perhaps do that a quick little setup would be something like:

    Klipsch 5 piece Quintet - $320
    Subwoofer - ??? Sony makes some decent cheaper ones, might be able to find one for about $60-100

    Then the reciever is all in the air, maybe you parents might be able to do a refurbished Harman/Kardon AVR-125 reciever, they are awesome.

    If you can possibly shell out that then you will have a decent HT system for a good price, if not then check out Yamaha's HTIB's they aren't bad... my uncle just bought one and I was with him viewing everything... best one from the $200-500 price range but I forgot the model number...

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