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    Ok.. i just had another post about a center channel.. anyway. I have an older receiver, with just 4 inputs for speakers. So i have my two front speakers, and two rear speakers. My two rears are 16 ohm speakers, which leaves room on my receiver's inputs for a lower ohm load. I have a Rockford Fosgate 6.5" Component Set (car audio) laying around, it has the 6.5" mids, crossover, and tweeter. Im thinking setting up a mid, crossover, and tweeter on each side of a center channel box. And have two seperate inputs in the back. That way I can plug those into my receivers rear speaker inputs, and I will have a stereo center channel, that should work perfectly if placed centered over the tv. Right? Thanks
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    Since you are sending the same information to all of the speakers, there is no real advantage to doing what you are talking about.

    Car speakers are typically 4ohm, which will drive your 8ohm amp harder (unless it has a 4/8 switch). Most likely the A-B / A&B switch on your amp is driving both pairs of speakers either in either parallel or series, which would also affect the overall load.

    You should easily be able to find a pro logic reciever for DIRT cheap somewhere. I sold mine for $50, and it was not exactly a POS.

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