would this be a good choice for a dorm?

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    I have been looking for a good TV for my dorm room. One that is good for DVDs. This 27'' Samsung HDTV seems like a good choice for only $599. What does everyone think? I am no expert, so I would appreciate opinions. It also says this TV will have 3:2 pulldown. What exactly does that do?

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    The Samsung's are pretty nice sets for a dorm room. the 3:2 pulldown, or 2:3 pulldown is a form of video processing when taking an interlaced (480i) signal and making it (480p). When the source is film based the set needs to take the 24 frames per second and make it 30 frames per second, to do this it does what is called 2:3 pulldown. This eliminates a significant amount of artifacting in the picture.

    For a dorm room, a Samsung would be pretty cool, especially with a Panasonic DVD Player like an RP-82. It would give a pretty killer picture.

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