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Would these parts suffice for a flexy? (1 Viewer)

Justin Ward

Supporting Actor
Jun 6, 2002
I plan on making a flexy with 5 or so shelves. I currently have only a reciever, DVD player and X-Box but I want to allow for a CD changer and possibly a headphone amp in the future.
My local retailer has 24" x 12" x 1/2" shelves. They are particle board I believe but have some sort of vinyl finish on them, giving them a reasonably good looking cherry wood type finish. They also claim to hold 200 pounds. They are only $8 each (Canadian at that). Would these make good shelves for a flexy rack?

I also have 4 - 3/8" threaded rods in the garage. Would they be strong enough for a flexy like this? If not I can just buy new ones, it would just be nice to use these if I could.

I also have some questions about ventilation. Since the rack is open to the sides and back, can I make the shelves fairly close together and still have good ventilation for the components, particularly the reciever.

Allen Ross

Supporting Actor
Sep 30, 2002
3/8ths is really small, for flexy i am sure they could support the weight vertically, but i think they will be wobbly.

12" isn't that deep, most components re at least 16" and then you have to allow at least an inch for the threaded rods

if you don't mind the MDF HD usually has some 48X24X3/4" sheets, and you can have them use their panel saw and rip it down to say 24X24 or 24x20 and it would be nice thick 3/4.

Would your idea work? sure and if you have the stuff now, go right a head, but i am almost positive that it won't be as sturdy as a 5/8ths rod and 3/4 MDF

Joe Hsu

Supporting Actor
Jul 2, 2001
Well Justin, take a look at my thread here...hopefully I'll get a few more replies before I get impatient and put the TV on, regardless. :)

I'm using 5/16" rod, which is pretty damn small...so I'm pretty worried now. If nothing else, I have another way to arrange things until I buy my projector, but I'd like to have just the rack there if possible.

But just from what I've read, a lot of people use 3/8", and aren't too worried. Good luck!

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