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Would like to upgrade speakers, budget is $1000 - Help (1 Viewer)


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Apr 29, 2002
Hi all,
I would like to upgrade to a matched set of speakers and was thinking of the JBL family of prodcuts. This is what I have now:
Center: Klipsch SC-1
Mains: JVC SP-9500 http://www.jvc.ca/en/consumer/produc...?model=SP-9500
Surrournds: 2, Infinity QPS-1 Quadrapoles
Rears: 1, Infinity QPS-1 Quadrapole
Subwoofer: KLH 10" Subs
After fine tuning here and there, It sounds pretty good, but there are times when I can't hear the dialog from the Center channel, without turing way up - no matter what I do:frowning: It seems to me that the two JVC towers are overpowering the center channel.
And when the surrounds kick in, I feels like the speakers are pinging, you know what I mean?
I know this is not an ideal set, but this is what i got and that's why I'm coming to you guys for your assistance. What would be the ideal solution?
New mains, new center, or new all?
Thanks for any help... :)

Evan H

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Apr 10, 2000
Adrian, for $1000, i'd reccomend the system that my roomate just picked up.... it cost him a little under $900:
Speakers: Energy Take 5.2
Subwoofer: 2x Energy 8.2
The second sub added 300 to the cost of 600 for the take 5 system, and does a great job of adding to the fullness of the bass. The only thing missing is the bottom of the first octave, but for $900 for the whole system, i think that's an unrealistic goal anyway.
As for total system performance, the Take 5 system truly shines. If I was looking for an inexpensive system I wouldn't think twice of picking it up... definitely give them a listen :)

John Garcia

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Jun 24, 1999
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Well, if you go with Infinity, which would be keeping in the same family (not JBL, eventhough they are also owned by Harmon), then you could go with IL10s ($299 at Crutchfield) as mains and an IL25c center (also $299). Those are decent prices, but look around, you might find them for less. Both the IL30 and IL40 floorstanders are also on sale at Crutchfield, if you want to stick with floor standers. I have heard the IL10s and I think they are quite good for that price.

I have a friend who uses the QPS-1s for surrounds, and I like them.

Proper calibration for all the speakers with an SPL meter should eliminate the mains from overpowering the center. After calibration, it is not uncommon to bump up the center a dB or two to get louder dialogue.

I think the real problem is not that the towers are overpowering the center, but could be the fact that they are not timbre matched to eachother, and just don't sound good. I would actually expect the Klipsch to be more sensitive than the towers, but it's hard to say without specs.

The alternative would be Klipsch mains, if you like the sound of the center channel.

What are the speakers being driven with?


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Apr 29, 2002
The speakers are being driven by a JVC 8000V -http://www.audioreview.com/A-V,Receivers/JVC,RX-8000V,/PRD_124270_2718crx.aspx
But I am ordering a Onkyo TX-DS898 A/V Receiver
to replace it.
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the subs are not included in my budget. The subs will come after the fact, and will be a seperate purchase, but keep that advice coming and many thanks.....:)
P.S. On the subs, I was thinking of the small SVS....:D

Phil Mays

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May 20, 2002

With the 898 and only $1000 to spend on speakers why not go to the 797 and save roughly $500 to add to the speakers. The 797 is a very good unit and for $1500 you could get a very nice set-up.

I do believe in Timbre matching, so you may want to keep your center and add Klipsch rf-3 for the fronts and maybe squeeze out a second set fpr the rears.

I too experianced a "drown out effect" with my setup and eventially found satisfaction by placing all horn driven speakers in the system.

Good Luck!


Stephen Houdek

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Jan 21, 2002
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I agree with Phil.....I'd take the 797 over the 898 and upgrade your speaker budget. Thats exactly the route I chose and couldn't be happier. I even bought JBL's for my speakers......S series all around with 312's up front.


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Dec 25, 2001
I'd keep your Infinity surrounds. There is nothing wrong with them, and you do not need to match the surrounds to the fronts. If you try to buy new speakers all around, the quality will take a nose dive.

It is, however, important to have a matching front and center. Your mismatch, and probably the quality of the center, are to blame for your dialogue problem. Also, you can certainly do better than JVC's for mains.

I would use your grand to get a pair of mains and a center, preferrably bookshelf sized speakers where you will get much better speakers for the money.

Your best options:

Paradigm Studio 20's and Studio CC ($1050 assuming 10% discount)
Axiom M22t's and VP150 center ($700)
Diva 2.1 and Diva Center ($900), or 4.1's and center ($1100)

You have the right budget where if you only replace the front soundstage and go with bookshelves, you can get outstanding stuff. Oh, and if you move down to the 797 as suggested above, you could do even better, like Paradigm Studio 40's.

Happy shopping!

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