Would current HD Satellite RX be obsolete?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ken Makela, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Ken Makela

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    Sep 9, 1998
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    If I was to invest in an HD satellite receiver that doesn't have DVI output, would it be obsolete when and if regulations are put in place. I have a non DVI set 57HX81, and if I bought an ExpressVu (Echostar) model 6000 would this receiver still work later??

  2. Brian L

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    I don't think anyone can give you a 100% answer on that.

    There are still too many variables in play, and much negotiation between the FCC, Congress, the CEA, the Cable Companies, the Studios, etc.

    I recently bought a HD ready set with only component inputs, as well as a OTA HD reciever with only component outputs.

    I obvioulsy have my hopes pinned on the analog connection staying live and NOT down-rez'd, but that is certainly a risk.

    My hope is that the current owners of HD ready sets like mine represent a powerful enough lobby that we will not end-up hosed by the copy-protection factions.

    Many feel otehrwise and are not buying anything until this is all sorted out. I am not willing to wait that long for HD.

    BTW, The SuperBowl in HD was very cool!


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