Worst Case Scenario

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    i think it will be entertaining and somewhat informational.

    its on TBS tonight at 8 (central time)

    a brief review of what will be covered in the first episode:
    Forest Survival - A tree-hugging naturalist and a tough hunter/outdoorsman must race over ten miles through the most unpopulated national park in the contiguous US.

    Building to Dumpster - You've seen it done in the movies... Good Guy, running on a rooftop with Bad Guy in pursuit, must jump off into a dumpster. What's the best way to make that jump?

    Cliff to Water Dive - Our Volunteer is going to learn to overcome her weak nerves and a fear of heights by jumping into a creek from over five stories up!

    Smoke Hood - In a fire, smoke kills more often than flames. To prove the effectivenes of the EVAC-U8 Smoke Hood, Gear Girl will walk through a smoke and flame filled building.

    Andy Judy's Ride - Andy Judy is an experienced skydiver who got caught underneath a plane as he was diving out. How did he survive? Watch and find out!

    Falling Down a Mountain - You're hiking high up on a mountain trail, when one wrong step sends you tumbling to the bottom. We'll show you what to do in order to incur the least amount of harm.

    --from the TBS website--
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    Jul 24, 2000
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    It was a fun show, with a positive and non-demeaning attitude as well as some mildly useful entertainment (couch potatoes like me won't have to use much of that knowledge for sure [​IMG]).
    The best part was the race (even though they didn't manage to create fire and one of them couldn't do a make-shift axle, the two central moments in the race) and the story about the skydiver (man, that must have been a bit scary).
    I'll watch it again!
  3. Frank Anderson

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    If the tough hunter/outdoorsman kills, cooks and eats the tree-hugging naturalist will he still win? [​IMG]
  4. Shayne Lebrun

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    Jun 17, 1999
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    I highly reccomend the books that the series is based upon.

    If your book store doesn't have them in the 'surival/camping' section, look in the humour section. Or the humor section, for you Yanks. :)
  5. ChrisMatson

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    I saw a few minutes of this when the stunt woman stepped off the building into the dumpster. Some things I noticed: I have seen a dumpster that big before; I have never seen a dumpster so clean before (filled with what appeared to be airbags or matresses covered with paper and cardboard, judging by the way she landed); and what do you do if you are more than 3 stories up?

    Interesting premise, but probably not very helpful.

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