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World Trade Center - Rebuilding idea (1 Viewer)

Mar 8, 1999
Something I posted in another thread is that a lot of people are pointing out that part of the reason for the large-scale loss of life is simply that the towers were too large to evacuate in a reasonable amount of time.
There are other dangers to large buildings including earthquakes (not historically unknown in the New York area) and fires. If people can't get out quickly in such disasters they are going to die.
If something like Ebert's idea is not adopted, something more modest is probably more appropriate.
Perhaps something like one or a pair of prominent and architecturally interesting communication towers atop more modest offices and/or apartment towers.


Second Unit
May 6, 1999
I saw an article somewhere (it escapes me now) that interviewed the landlord/owner of the two towers. He said that they were looking at building 4 55-60 story towers where the two towers were.
The four buildings should surround a memorial (courtyard/atrium) in the center.
Also, I would like to see a memorial park, at the location of the Pennsylvania crash, that includes a spectacular statue or monument for those heroes.

Rob T

Aug 26, 2001
the new world trade center will probably have 4 buildings that are about 50 floors high with a park below
the site of the Pennsylvania crash was in a farmer's field in the middle of nowhere. The farmer who owns it will decide what will be done with it, I would think.


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Nov 15, 1999
Everyone from the original developer up to the Prez says that there will be redevelopment there. There has to be a monument there too.
I'll jave to ask my architect friend if you can build a 110 (?) story shell of a building. I doubt that you can.
How about an inflatible 110 story building?
Did you read that the Mall under WTC #5 has been looted by people acting as search & rescue (see NYTimes). Looters should get life!
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Adam Lenhardt

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Feb 16, 2001
Albany, NY
I am with you on the park ...
While recreating the towers would be nice ... I think it would be wrong to do over the exact same spot.
I mean people lost their lives there ... who would want to move in? It's just bad karma ... not to mention a constant reminder of what happened.
Symbolism. If the buildings are forever gone, then that is an impact those terrorists had on our world. Rebuild. That wouldn't be forgetting what those who lost their lives in the attacks. That would be honoring them, and the nation's resolve. Build them the same, but with perhaps a memorial outside of, or on the first few stories honoring those who have fallen. Building some other building is simply using viable commercial space. I hope the NY skyline will once again show the twin towers.
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Brian Harnish

Dec 15, 2000
I heartily agree with rebuilding the towers. It would be a tremendous achievement on our part if we were to do that. It would show our desire to go on. It would show our resolve. It would show those terrorists that we are serious about really destroying their lives. There is no doubt in my mind that rebuilding is the next logical step. It is the ONLY logical step -- the step that will allow us to get back to at least some semblance of normalcy. Plus, I think it would actually help fuel support for the war against the terrorists as it will likely take years to fight them. Just as it will likely take years to rebuild.
The day the newly rebuilt towers open will also become our fat lady -- our final farewell to the terrorists before they're blown away. In fact, I think the towers should be rebuilt as in the picture shown above. It's time to show them that (to quote ID4) "we will not go quietly into the night! We will not VANISH without a fight! We're going to live on." Our culture will survive. It is now time to say: "Fuck off, assholes." and shove the proverbial nuclear missile up their asses.
- Brian
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Jul 28, 2001
It saddens me deeply (along with the trememdous human cost) that the symbolic Twin Towers can no longer be seen at the foot of Manhattan. And if it were my decision to make, I would say 'REBUILD', but with a memorial at the base.
On one hand I feel rebuilding is slightly disrespectful to the dead - almost glossing over the huge loss, but on the other hand not to rebuild would be to concede to the terrorists - to 'let them win', even if they are obliterated in the coming months.
But this is a war... a struggle even against hidden foes that WILL last years and years! And despite increased domestic security, its totally conceivable that really crafty, highly organised suicide bombers could do the same thing again in a few years when the heat has slightly died down.
To my mind, rebuilding would be an invitation for another group of lunatics to 'carry on' what Osama-soon to be worm food-Bin laden started. Imagine the horror and global conbsequences if this happened again. If they did rebuild- it would have to be equiped with an ULTRA-high tech defence system to prevent this from happeneing again!

Ted Todorov

Senior HTF Member
Aug 17, 2000
I mean people lost their lives there ... who would want to move in? It's just bad karma ... not to mention a constant reminder of what happened.
If people truly thought that way, today there would be no Berlin, Tokyo, Dresden, Hiroshima, etc. All of them were pretty much leveled during WWII. I'm all for re-building in a form simillar to what existed before. And offer some initial cheap rents (say 10/20 year leases) -- companies will move in.
I must admit, Ebert has the best memorial idea ever -- but as a New Yorker I'm for rebuilding. My old company (Telerate) used to be on the 104th floor. A view like that makes work a LOT more fun.

James Q Jenkins

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 24, 2000
I saw a pundit on the news over the last couple weeks who said that he/she didn't think that any skyscraper will ever be built again. They are just plain dangerous. It takes well over an hour to evacuate down the stairs from the high floors. Who's going to propose a building like that? Particularly in lower Manhattan today?

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