World Of Suzie Wong

Brent Avery

Supporting Actor
Feb 19, 2002
Watched this film yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some might say things about stereotyping of the main character Suzie Wong - played by Nancy Kwan - but as a period piece ( 1960) I think it comes across well enough and after all - you have to put it in the context of when the film was made. As well, William Holden did a good job - given the character he portrayed and it is a movie that has great atmosphere in projecting old Hong Kong - lots of panoramas of the area - during that period in time. Overall the video presentation is quite acceptable. Some scenes are soft or defocused - mostly when the camera is showing distant shots - but overall the images are sharp and colours are very good - some scenes appear a bit oversaturated but still this is a very watchable dvd. Good black levels are present and I saw little in the way of artifacts or dirt, scratches etc.It should be noted that it was viewed on a 98" screen via a Panasonic AE500 FP. Audio was presentable - dialog was easy to follow and sounded "full" and the musical score, which I enjoyed and gave a real "oriental flavour" in its theme came across well enough given the constraints of an audio recording that is 44 years old. The film is "enhanced for widescreen TVs" and is in its OAR of 1:85. No liner but the price is right- inexpensive! Another good effort by Paramount. It's nice to watch a movie that has believable characters and as such it works well enough. Yes it is basically a romance story but I would like to say that there is depth to the individuals involved - a feel good movie that has its moments and should not be overlooked by anyone who enjoys films that offer more than what can be found in most of today's movies - Substance. ( even if it didn't win an Oscar ).

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