Woohoo! I fixed my problem with my LCD projector and Cygnus IMX lens

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Randy Tennison, Aug 18, 2003.

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    I have a Sharpvision XV-H37VUA LCD projector with the Cygnus IMX lens. After opening the unit a year ago (to blow out dust which was one one of the LCD panels), I put it back together, and thought I had caused a misalignment on one of the panels, because the picture became fuzzy. I decided I would send the unit in for realignment when the bulb goes.

    I've lived with a slightly fuzzy picture for the past year. Last night, I decided to try to tweak on it. I discovered that when I had reinstalled the Cygnus IMX lens (which is used to get rid of the screen door effect on the LCD panel), I had turned the knob on the Cygnus IMX lens (which breaks up the image) one revolution around, and was using that as a starting point. Thus, the misalignment was in the lens, and not the panels.

    I experimented, and got the picture back to crystal clear! So, I'm really relieved, now that I don't have to pay $500.00 for a tune up!

    I'm sure this might go over the head of anyone who doesn't own an LCD and the IMX lens, but I was so happy, I just had to relate my success!
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    Neil Joseph
    Another success story. If you are cleaning your own panels, just a reminder to hold the can upright and do not allow the liquid to spray onto the panels.

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