With Blu the apparent victor, it's time to demand some changes....

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Nick Graham, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Thx, RAF (although I would prefer "supposed" to "apparent").

    Another missive to Chapek re a non-anamorphic title I forgot to mention earlier: Nixon. Josh Brolin is attached play our president in an Oliver Stone picture entitled Bush, which may start shooting in April. That home vid release would provide an excellent occasion for releasing a high def Stone box set, this time avoiding all the issues with the SD DVD box.
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    I too firmly believe that HDM will never completely replace DVD, but rather both HDM and DVD will co-exist and compliment each other. The fact is, that there are thousands of titles that not only will never make economic sense to release on HDM, but there are many that will also not really benefit from being on HDM. Due to their backwards compatiblity with DVD, HD players will ultimately become the predominantly sold players. While manufacturers, specially the smaller Chinese brands will continue to offer cheap DVD only players and the studios will continue to release and sell lots of catalog titles on DVD. All new releases might continue to be released on both HDM, at a premium, and DVD also. But the more likely scenario being that new titles will only be released on HDM. All this, ofcourse is until the next format, maybe downloadable content, replaces them both. Presumably and hopefully the time, when downloadable content becomes the primary format, is still quite a ways off.

    Regarding the extent of HDM success, I personally am quite confident, that HDM will become a substantially large market. As for in comparison to Laser Discs, HDM probably already is a much larger market than Laser Disc ever was.
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    This would seem to be partly due to the disc being played. None of my Fox titles allow for this but my Sony titles resume just fine.

    Now if we could get resume from power-off (like most of my DVD players do) that would be something! This will be a player feature for sure, though.


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