"Witch's Night Out" Halloween - Gilda Radner

Discussion in 'DVD' started by BBbrowd, Oct 24, 2003.

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    This hilarious animated special from 1978 was one of the most interesting and highest rated of all Halloween cartoons. So far it's only been available on VHS, and the last release of it was cheaply packaged and recorded in EP speed. It certainly deserves a quality DVD release. Are there any other fans out there of this brilliant piece?

    The late Gilda Radner's performance as the witch is priceless and the animation style is quite original. The animated expressions on her face are genius. It is just as much an adult cartoon as for children, and has a message for everyone. It has a good dose of adult humor and the theme song & music score is catchy and haunting as well.

    A witch, living in her old mansion, is feeling down because Halloween is more of a forgotten holiday in current times. She is delighted when a few people from town, thinking her mansion is deserted, decide to throw a party in it. She plans to terrorize them all. As the evening progresses the story moves into the streets of town and things really get out of hand. She is more fed up than ever with people and Halloween until she finally shows them all "what Halloween is all about". The supporting voice cast ( including Catherine O'Hara ) are dazzling.

    For any of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing it, it's well worth picking up the VHS on ebay or stores that may still carry it.

    If anyone has any further information or thoughts on how to request this as a possible DVD release, it would be greatly appreciated. It was produced and directed by John Leach for Leach/Rankin productions and aired in prime time for a few years in the late 70s.
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    Never seen it. But Gilda is one of my comedy heroes. Great gal. Very much missed.

    Witch's Night Out sounds like a must for Halloween. Has it been shown recently on TV?

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    I've got a Beta tape of a rerun of this, recorded in 1983- the jerk who recorded it cut off the beginning and the end though, and commercials are gone too. Incredibly weird character design though and a story that probably wouldn't fly too well with today's parents. I might put this on DVD+R if I don't find a better copy soon.
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    Amazon.ca has it for sale on VHS. It says 4-6 weeks shipping though. I remember watching this as a kid. It was one of my favorites.

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