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    has anyone got this and is it any good?is there any extras on it? I have the first two and I think they are pretty good.so I would like to know if this is worth getting.
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    Here is a review of Wishmaster 3 from Upcoming Horror Movies
    They gave it a 6 out of 10
    " I'm not much of a Wishmaster fan, so I didn't expect much from this movie, but I was supriseed to see that it wasn't too bad. It's just too bad they couldn't get the original guy to play the Djinn again. They changed the look of the Djinn - he's more skinny with a fresh new attitude and more spikes on his body.
    What I couldn't figure out was, is this the same Djinn from the previous films or a different one. I kept thinking that and I just settled with the conclusion that it's a different one.
    The thing I liked about the movie was the sub-plot of the angel Michael being summoned by the character because she wished him to. It was cool to see Michael fend off against the Djinn, because we're used to seeing regular humans try to fend themselves. It was an interesting twist, but it's just too bad that sucka was just too weak to fight the demon Djinn.
    The movie is rather enjoyable because of all that, but yet again, there's a lack of originality in the story and that's one of the bad points in the movie. Just gets too silly at certain points. Another bad point is the acting; it wasn't too great and the directing was okay.
    There is a good amount of gore - one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when a girl starts spewing out her guts. Been done in a few other films, but it's still very cool to see. I don't think there was any nudity in it, I can't seem to remember. I'm sure if it did, I would have remembered, so we'll assume there wasn't.
    I decided to go for a 6-rating, I'm sure a lot would disagree, but everyone has their own opinion and I thought the movie was rather fun to watch. It's safe to say that this was better than the previous sequal; at least to me it is. Expect to see part 4 hit video stores sometime next year.
    A nice addition to the Wishmaster series. Enjoyable, but not too original. Rent this if you like the Wishmaster movies. "
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