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Nov 1, 2017
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Wisdom Audio Second Generation Home Theater System Contollers

If money is no object and you're used to buying the very top end home theater gear - and perhaps you're tiring of your Steinway Lyngdorf kit (most unlikely) - you might consider giving Wisdom's new generation of system controllers a whirl, namely the SC-2 and SC-3. Attendees at this years ISE 2018 at the RAI in Amsterdam, from February 6th - 9th, will get their own chance to audition these new shiny silver slabs, which include the Dirac Live acoustical optimization platform.

These second-generation controllers are designed to help installers overcome acoustical problems with calibration tools that quickly solve 'unpredictable and complex audio distortions' in any installation. The SC-2 is a 2RU controller offers 8-channel in to 16-channel out, while the SC-3 is a 3RU platform providing 16-channel in to 32-channel out, and both operate at 24-bit 96 kHz. Both also include the necessary digital active crossover and digital EQ profiles for all Wisdom Audio loudspeakers.


"Dirac Live by Dirac Research is the most advanced room correction technology available. With the platform's impulse response and frequency response adjustment, our system controllers can ensure pristine listening experiences, even in challenging environments," said Luc Guillaume, managing director, Wisdom Audio. "Our electronic room acoustic solutions enable integrators to allow the best frequency response of our speakers. This level of precision brings unparalleled high-performance audio and clarity directly from our lab to the end-user's home. We're delighted to have these controllers make their ISE debut."

With the inbuilt Dirac Live platform, both units can perfect sound in any listening room by removing unwanted resonances, as claimed by Wisdom, as well as general acoustical problems associated with room boundaries, early reflections and coloration. It also obviates the need for room treatments.

Additionally, there is an Expert Mode which allows custom installers to access a layer of live tuning features and equalization tools to optimize system performance in the most challenging acoustical scenarios. Four independent and complete calibrations can be stored inside four preset slots, so multiple room correction setups can be achieved in up to 16 independent zones or rooms.

No information on price here, but you might want to check with your local dealer, suffice to say that an entire speaker/controller system from Wisdom will set you back six figures. I have reviewed the entire Wisdom Insight Series speakers with SC-3 controller for a print publication, and although I can confirm that it sounds nothing less than awesome, a commitment to purchase would require most mortals to remortgage a property.

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