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    I want to be able to move my receiver to either side of my fireplace. I'm going to put RCA to F inserts in the wall plate where the receiver connects to the wall and then up by the tv. Then I want to use a Coax combiner behind the wall to bring in the feed from both sides of the fireplace (2 - to - 1) up to a single coax, which will go to the another RCA to F insert for the tv. Item numbers 248209 and 251899 at lowes to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Will this work? I'll never use both at the same time cable box RCA Out --> RCA/F Wall plate --> coax RG6 v
    coax combiner --> coax RG6 --> F/RCA wall plate --> RCA to TV RCA In ​
    cable box RCA Out --> RCA/F Wall plate --> coax RG6 ^ Thanks Chris
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    How often do you plan on relocating your receiver?

    Will that work? Yeah, shouldn't be a problem.

    By RCA do you mean component video (RGB RCA connectors) or Composite RCA (Red/White/Yellow). Neither one will carry a 1080p signal - you need HDMI for that. If it's composite, then you're limiting yourself to SD only.

    You can get HDMI wallplates and CL-2 rated HDMI cables to simply make two separate HDMI runs to the TV. Keep both connected to the TV and switch inputs on the TV when you move your gear to the other side of the roSUBMITom.

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